Mercy Vine

Term 2, Issue No. 1 - 19 May 2023


Taking to the stage in leaps and bounds

By Natalie Goodair

SACE dance and drama workshops.

Mercedes College SACE Dance and Drama students were delighted with the opportunity to attend specialist workshops at the Adelaide Festival Centre.

Stage 2 Dance students worked with a diverse range of independent dance makers and choreographers in Leaps and Bounds, a programme designed especially for SACE.

Across 3 workshops, students developed their skills in dance composition and technique with with Ben-Hur Winter, Tanya Voges and, from the Australian Dance Theatre, Adrianne Semmens.

Our Mercedes College dancers are congratulated on their professionalism and commitment, and for representing the first Mercedes SACE Dance cohort with pride.

Similarly, Stage 2 Drama students took up the challenge to develop their skills in theatre devising and direction through the Take the Stage program. Independent theatre makers Jamie Hornsby and Valerie Berry, as well as director Nescha Jelk, worked with students on the importance of collaboration and risk taking. Students also enjoyed the chance to meet and experiement creatively with students from different schools.

Well done to everyone involved for your courage and determination.

Natalie Goodair
Dance and Drama Key Teacher