We know the volume of information when joining a new school can be overwhelming, so please see some important information for new students and families joining the College.

New Student Information

Welcome to Mercedes College. We look forward to you and your family joining our community. 

We know the volume of information when joining a new school can be overwhelming, so please see some important information for new students and families joining the College.


Books and stationery can be ordered online from the Mercedes College section of Campion. Requirements for each year level and information on how to order are available at that link.

Subject and Extra-Curricular Sport Selections

NOTE: This information is only valid for new students joining the College. Parents of current students continuing into next year have already been contacted about subject and sport selections, and cannot continue to make selections.

Students starting during the year are able to select their subjects (where applicable) and extra-curricular sport options using our online nominations system. For new families, please make a new account with the First Time User box on the left and then add your child or children. Please retain your details for future logins.

Subjects: Only new students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 need to make subject selections online. Students and Years 11 and 12 make their own subject selections, in consultation with parents and the Head of Senior School / Subjects & Careers Advisor, and therefore don't use the online system. Our Registrar can provide you with the current Year 11 or Year 12 subject selection form. Reception - Year 6 students do not make any subject selections.

Sport: Students in Years 2 -12 are able to make summer and winter sport selections.

For more information on the sport programme or sports offered, please contact the following coordinators:

Years 2 - 6 Sport: Mr Jeffrey Wray - jwray@mercedes.catholic.edu.au
Years 7-12 Girls Sport: Mrs Jessica Redigolo - jredigolo@mercedes.catholic.edu.au
Years 7-12 Boys Sport: Mr Josh Archer - jarcher@mercedes.catholic.edu.au

Extra-Curricular Music Selections

Music selections can continue to be made all year. Please complete the following form.

For more information, please contact:

Instrumental Music Coordinator: music@mercedes.catholic.edu.au

Uniform Requirements | The College Shop

Reception - Year 2 Students
Reception students always wear the PE uniform until the end of Year 2, when they begin also wearing the formal school uniform.

Year 3 - 12 Students
See 2020 uniform requirements. Uniforms are available from The College Shop located within Mercedes College.

Bring Your Own Device (Laptops / iPads) - 1: World Strategy

The 1:World (“One to the World”) learning programme was introduced in 2012 with the aim of inspiring creative thinking and collaboration inside the classroom as well as extending learning beyond the classroom. Our experience has highlighted that Apple devices are ideally suited to our educational strategy and therefore our preferred platform. However, students may opt for alternative devices meeting the equivalent minimum specifications.

Students in Reception to Year 2 will be provided with College-owned iPads within their classroom environment.

In Years 3 to 5, students will be required to bring their own iPad that meets the required specifications. 

Students in Years 6 to 12 are required to bring their own laptop that meets or exceeds the required specifications. 

See 1: World Strategy (Bring Your Own Device) for more information on required specifications for devices and use of technology at the College. 

Mercedes College Café - Online Ordering

The Mercedes College Café provides daily specials that change each term. Parents of Junior School students can order online through My Student Account, which has already been setup for you, and have their lunch delivered to their classroom. Barista made coffee is available in the mornings for parents only.

See the Mercedes Café for more information on ordering online and the current menu. 

The School Day Timetable

Students are expected to be at the College by 8:30am and are dismissed at 3:25am. See the full school day timetable and supervision requirements.

College Calendar

The College calendar can be viewed in web browsers and filtered by Junior, Middle or Senior School. There is also an iOS and Android app.  

Transport Information

Mercedes College is serviced by a range of Adelaide Metro and private bus services. See all of the bus options for more information.

Visitor and Junior School parent parking is available via the Delamere Avenue entrance, where Junior School students may use the Kiss and Drop. See more information on parking and access to the College.

School Policies

See Mercedes College Key Policies.