2024 Checklist The ultimate checklist for starting school at Mercedes College.

Whether your child is starting at Junior School for the first time, joining our Middle or Senior School, rest assured we support them to meet new people and build friendships, plus explore their learning environment.

Booklists and stationery requirements

All requirements for 2024 are now available from Campion Education.

Visit the Campion Education Portal to place your order.


  1. Create your account.
  2. Select Mercedes College (South Australia) from the drop-down menu.
  3. Use the resource code provided to you.
  4. Select the relevant Year level/s, follow the prompts, order and pay for your items.

Full payment is required at the time of ordering.

We also recommend buying a bag to protect your child’s MacBook/Laptop, as well as iPad/tablet. These neoprene items are machine washable, and the pencil case and sports backpack are ideal extras.

Please see our 1:World approach for all the information you need when buying a device. 

There's lots of curriculum extension activities on offer

Here's the full list of curriculum extension activities - make your selections using EdVal.


For more information about our sport program and opportunties, please contact a coordinator using SEQTA Direqt Message.

Jeff Wray | Junior School Sport Coordinator
Deborah Hocking | Secondary Sport Coordinator
Nathan Bassett | Director Co-Curricular Sport


Music selections can be made during Term by completing this form.

Uniform requirements

The College Shop stock the complete range of uniform items.

Please book an appointment online for fittings before visiting.

You'll find The College Shop on the ground level of the Catherine McAuley Building, directly opposite the Main Oval.

Bring Your Own  Laptop, iPad

At Mercedes College we inspire creative thinking and collaboration, as well as extend learning beyond the classroom, using our 1:World digital learning program.

Reception to Year 2 students are provided with a Mercedes College iPad. From Year 3 to Year 5 students are required to bring their own iPad. Students in Year 6 to Year 12 need to supply their own laptop.

Devices need to be reliable, adaptable, and developmentally appropriate to engage young learners. Apple device are our preferred platform, although students may choose an alternative if it meets our minimum requirements and specifications.

Looking after your devices is easy with our great MacBook / Laptop and Tablet bags, complete with removable shoulder straps, and all fully machine washable. The Mercedes College pencil case and excursion/sports backpack make an ideal extra too!


Apple M1 Chip

Operating System | OS X 10.14

Memory | 8GB

Hard Drive | 120 GB SSD

Display | 13.3" screen with 1920x1080 screen resolution

Battery Life | 7+ hours

Wi-Fi | 802.11ac or better

Webcam | User facing, inbuilt microphone and speakers (earphones recommended)


Processor | Intel Core i5 2.2GHz; AMD A6 1.8GHz

Operating System | Windows 10

Memory | 8 GB

Hard Drive | 120 GB SSD

Display 14" screen with 1920x1080 screen resolution

Battery Life | 7+ hours

Wi-Fi | 802.11ac or better

Webcam | User facing, inbuilt microphone and speakers (earphones recommended)

For more information download our 1:World Digital Learning Guide (print friendly PDF).

Mercedes College Café

Our Café menu includes daily specials that change each season!

Families can order online using their My Student Account.

Lunch orders are delivered to children in our Junior School classrooms, while older students fetch their orders from the Café.

See our Mercedes College Café for more information.

Transport Information

Here's how you can get to and from Mercedes College.

School Timetable

Here are our Timetables, mindful students are expected to be at Mercedes College by 8:30am each morning.


If your child is going to be absent from school, please let us know via:

  1. SMS | +61 419 914 398 or 
  2. Email | attendance@mercedes.catholic.edu.au or
  3. SEQTA Engage Message the ‘Attendance Office’.

Please tell us your child's name, reason and expected duration for absence from school.

If your child arrives after 8.50am they need to sign in at Strathspey  (Reception to Year 5) or McAuley Office (Year 6 to Year 12).

You will receive an SMS if your child records an unexplained absence.

Planned long-term absence from school require approval from your Head of School.

College events and excursions

The College calendar is available online as well as iOS and Android app. You can also filter by Junior, Middle or Senior School.

Stay up to date with SEQTA Engage

You can use SEQTA Engage to receive important information and messages. We will regularly send you Direqt Messages about College events plus Year level information. 

Family members have their own SEQTA Engage account linked to their unique email address.

SEQTA Engage is available in web browsers, as well as an iOS and Android App.

With SEQTA Engage, you can:

  1. Receive and send Direqt Messages | we use Direqt Messages to share important information with you, so please ensure you have this function enabled.
  2. Check your account and payment history | statements are provided to families via SEQTA Engage, and you can check your payment history here too.
  3. See your child’s timetable | you can see your child's timetable anytime, and used Direqt Message to communicate with their teacher if/as needed.
  4. Read Notices | you can view Notices anytime for information, and select the informaiton you wish to receive.

You can also access other applications, our policies and additional information using SEQTA Engage, as well as update your details.

Activate your SEQTA account from your welcome email that includes a link to ‘set up your account now’. Please do not share this email with others as it is linked to your personal SEQTA account and so unique to you.

Please activate your account so you can stay up to date.

See our Guide for more information on using SEQTA Engage.


Seesaw is our learning management tool for our Reception to Year 5 students.

You will receive a permission slip from the class teacher during your first week, with information on how to setup your account.



ManageBac is our learning management system for Year 6 to Year 12, and is used to distribute reports for these students as well as Junior School students at Mercedes College.

In the Middle and Senior Schools, both students and parents can access curriculum information and requirements.

You will receive access to your ManageBac account via email. 

See the ManageBac Parent User Guide for more information.


Stack Team App

Stack Team App is used to share sport information and updates with students and their families.

All information about your child’s sport is distributed via this app.

Be sure to download Team App to stay across your child's sport training and playing information.


The College Calendar is available on Teamup.

You can view this within SEQTA Engage also, or sync it to your existing iCal, Google or Outlook calendar.