Strategic Plan Paving the way for our students, staff and community to flourish, our Strategic Plan is guided by our vision and underpinned by our Mercy values.

Our Strategic Snapshot 2021 - 2025 provides five strategic and enabling goals supported by clear and decisive actions that pave the way for our students, staff and community to continue to flourish into the future both now and into the future.

Developed as part of an organisational wide review conducted by KPMG, our Strategic Snapshot 2021 - 2025 provides an overview of the goals guiding our priorities, investment and initiatives.

In time, further details about specific actions and measures in support of these strategic and enabling goals can be shared Importantly, through our planning we encourage active participation from our entire community as we build upon our strong foundations to help our students realise their full potential and position Mercedes College for continued excellence going forward.

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2021 Annual School Performance Report

The 2021 Annual School Performance Report is available online below or as a hard copy upon request from Strathspey Reception.