Sport Recognised as leaders in Athletics, Cross Country and team sports, our students enjoy training, and teamwork.

Essential to the approach to sport at Mercedes College is the commitment and dedication to teamwork and personal fitness.

Students are encouraged to work together to grow pride and foster community spirit, as well as learn the importance of winning with grace and losing with dignity.

Through our sports program, we provide every student the opportunity to benefit from participating. Students are encouraged to participate in sports of their choice, and at the level appropriate to their abilities.

All of our students are encouraged and welcome to take part in all the sports on offer.

In Years 2 to 6 students can participate in a range of sports including Athletics, Australian Rules Football, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Hockey, Mini Volleyball, Netball, Soccer, Softball and Tennis.

In Years 7 to 12 students can take part in Athletics, Australian Rules Football, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Cricket, Cross Country, Hockey, Netball, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball and Water Polo.

Our sporting program also caters for students with interests in rugby, golf, diving, surfing and mountain biking.

Directors for individual sports, including football, netball, tennis and athletics, guide our coaches and players across all Year Levels, and support our Sport Coordinators implementing our programs. 

Athletics is the foundation of our sports program, and we're proud of our high calibre coaches and coordinators and enviable record. This program fosters a culture of committment, with students eagerly representing the College in competitions. Our popular training sessions are well attended before school to support their pre-season preparations for other sports.