Kiss and drop and car parking Help us keep everyone safe by observing all Australian Road Rules and setting a good example to keep our children safe.

Emu Crossing

To meet our duty of care to students, we supervise the Emu Crossing and the Kiss and Drop zone accessed via Delamere Avenue each morning and afternoon.

The Emu Crossing is clearly visible with white road markings plus red and white posts at the kerb, and operates when the children’s crossing flags are displayed.

Drivers must stop for pedestrians using or about to use the crossing.

The Emu Crossing is within a school zone.

School zone

The white zigzag lines on the road delineate the school zone.

Signs indicate where the school zone starts and ends.

A speed limit of 25 km/h applies at any time when a child is in the school zone: walking along the footpath, crossing the road, or on a bike.

Kiss and Drop zone

The Kiss and Drop area accessible via Delamere Avenue - mornings only - is for Junior School students from Reception to Year 3, and their siblings.

Middle School and Senior School students can access the College through the pedestrian gates on Delamere Avenue, Rectory Walk, or Carrick Hill Drive.

The Kiss and Drop zone within the Delamere Avenue entrance is only available for passenger set down each morning during Term 3.

Drivers must not stop for more than two minutes, park in these areas, or leave their vehicle.

Children can safely exit vehicles via the door on the left-hand side next to the pavement away from passing traffic.

If you are the first driver in our Kiss and Drop zone, please go to the start of the queue so others can use the spaces behind you.

When joining the Kiss and Drop line, do not block the car park exit or driveways in Delamere Avenue.

Do not double park (remain stationary in the line) on Delamere Avenue. If the Kiss and Drop line is extending beyond the driveway, please move on, park and walk in or drive around the block and try again.

If someone else drives your child to/from the College, please let them know how to correctly access and use this area.

School buses

Please remember to slow down to 25km/h when passing a school bus that has stopped to set down or pick up children.

South Australia Police Traffic Watch

Traffic related incidents observed by us will be reported to South Australia Police. You can also report unsafe road user behaviour by calling 131 444 or lodging a traffic watch report online or by downloading the Traffic Watch App. The information captured through Traffic Watch is used by police to allocate resources including patrols and safety cameras.