Mercy Keys | Our Values Our Mercy Keys are the values that guide who we are.

Proudly established by the Sisters of Mercy in 1954, we are inspired by the Mercy tradition and charism.

Our six Mercy Keys are our College values and present in all we do. 

We demonstrate integrity when we have the strength to do what is right, are honest and trustworthy in our dealings with others, and are true to our Christian values.

Mutual Respect
We demonstrate mutual respect when we acknowledge the dignity of others by treating them as we would have them treat us, by listening to them and considering their perspective.

We demonstrate responsibility when we are reliable and responsible for our actions and do the right thing by ourselves, others, and the environment.

We demonstrate compassion when we are aware of and respond to the needs of others.

We demonstrate loyalty when we recognise and support personal, community, and Gospel Values.

We demonstrate justice when we act with fairness and are willing to speak up for the rights and dignity of others.

Each year we highlight one, and encourage students to reflect on how they can fulfil that core value through their everyday experiences.

Annual Mercy Award

For the Mercedes College community, Mercy is a verb. A call to action.

Since 1991, annual Mercy Award has recognised a member of the Mercedes College community living the Mercy Keys through their contribution to community. This Mercy Spirit may be evident through study, research, paid work, or community service.

The award recognises effort that is ‘above and beyond’. Many past recipients, in addition to the six Mercy Keys, also demonstrate humility, warmth and hospitality, and leadership.

As a community we are inspired by the work of a remarkable Sister of Mercy, Catherine McAuley, who used all her means to establish a House of Mercy which safety sheltered homeless women, reached out to the sick and dying and provided free education for those in need. This action provided hope, opportunity and enabled the voice of marginalised people to be heard.

Nominations for the 2024 Mercy Award opens mid-year. If you have any questions about the Awards in the interim, please contact Helen Ayliffe, Acting Director of Mission +61 8 8372 3200.

Recognising the lived spirit of the Mercy Keys - Mutual Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, Compassion, Loyalty, Justice - the Mercy Award recipient is announced each September at our Mercy Day Mass. 



Our proud past Mercy Award recipients are:

1991 | Rossi von der Borch
1992 | Rosemary Shevlin
1993 | Belinda Winter
1994 | John Fanning
1995 | Leonie Barker
1996 | Sister Mary Marra RSM / Sister Monica McKee RSM
1997 | Anne Cox / John Cox
1998 | Sister Mavis McBride RSM (Sister Mary Phillip)
1999 | John Gibson
2000 | Penny Penhall OAM
2001 | Mark Cooper CP
2002 | John and Marie Doyle
2003 | Anne Morse
2004 | Tony Davis
2005 | Cora Nankivell
2006 | Peter Williams
2007 | Bill Gaynor

2008 | Prue McEvoy
2009 | Amanda Liston-Mwate
2010 | Sam Arnold
2011 | John Brazzatti
2012 | Bill Deegan
2013 | Mavis Waddington
2014 | Ward Family
2015 | Kate Conley
2016 | Tony O’Doherty
2017 | Michael Fitzgerald
2018 | Chris McCabe
2019 | Sister Maryanne Loughry
2020 | Henry Parham 
2021 | Dr Emma Tippett
2022 | Helen Connolly
2023 | Catherine Edwards