Playgroup Where children are supported to choose, experiment and develop at their own pace through play!

Mercedes College Playgroup provides a range of learning experiences that strengthen fundamental early childhood developmental skills: fine and gross motor skills, language, collaboration, sensory and social skills.

Families are invited to play with their little one/s, as it's through experimentation that children learn.

Mercedes College Playgroup is hosted in our Out of School Hours Care space with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for children to participate in.

What to bring 
Please bring a healthy snack and drink (water is ideal) for your child each week.

Also, we are a nut-free environment and encourage food that is not wrapped/packaged.

A hat and sunscreen is required for outdoor play.

All families are welcome
All families are invited to join us, and we look forward to welcoming you to Playgroup.

Throughout the year there are special celebrations, with Playgroup providing a wonderful opportunity to meet new families and build strong friendships.

Enjoy this special time as you guide your child through the wonder and beauty of play.