The Mercedes Old Scholars' Association maintains school friendships and creates opportunities for continuing contact between former students and the school community.

Mercedes Old Scholars' Association (MOSA)

The Mercedes Old Scholars' Association (MOSA) is a valuable part of the Mercedes College Community. They play a pivotal role in the continuing development of the College by supporting volunteer programmes, attending College functions and giving generously back to the school.

While continuing to expand their services, the old scholars work hard to retain current members while encouraging new ones.

Follow MOSA on Facebook, where we post regular updates on old scholars and flashback every Friday to highlights from the College's history. 

MOSA Committee

The following committee members were elected at the MOSA Annual General meeting on Monday 15 March 2021:

Jessica Whitford (nee Basso 1998)

Vice Presidents
Ellen Watson (2014)

Phil White (2007)

Executive Officer
Anne Morse (Mercedes College staff)

Committee Members
Justin Busse (1988)
Ryan Hood (2002)
Rob Cardone (2003)
Alisha Hart (nee Rogowski, 2005)
Adriana Weling (nee Ceravolo, 2008)
Brianna Watson (2017)
Elsa Conlon (2017)

See the MOSA Committee job descriptions for more information. 

Reunion and Events Calendar 

See the dates for MOSA reunions and events this year. 

MOSA Constitution

The Mercedes Old Scholars’ Association (MOSA) Constitution

MOSA Strategic Plan 

To view the MOSA Strategic Plan, please click here.

MOSA Career Mentoring

Each year Mercedes old scholars provide career advice to Year 11 and 12 students as part of the MOSA Career Mentoring Programme. A wide variety of careers are offered and students have the opportunity to hear from both old scholars currently undertaking  tertiary study along with old scholars already qualified and working in their chosen field.

2020 Career Mentoring Dates
Year 12  |  Friday 12 June  |  8.40am-9.40am
Year 11  |  Friday 7 August  |  8.40am-9.40am

If you are interested in being involved in the programme please contact MOSA Executive Officer Anne Morse (E:

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