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Mercedes College
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South Australia

T | +61 8 8372 3200

Please include the:

  • Full name of your child
  • Reason for their absence
  • Expected duration away from school

Stay up to date with the SEQTA Engage App

Each student's family has their own SEQTA Engage account linked to a unique email address. 

SEQTA Engage is available in web browsers, as well as an iOS and Android App.

At Mercedes College we use SEQTA Engage to -

  1. Direqt Message you to share important information about your child as well as events and activities, so make sure you have this function enabled.
  2. Provide fee statements, and you can check your payment history here too.
  3. Check your child's timetable anytime, and used Direqt Message to communicate with their teacher if/as needed.
  4. View Notices anytime for information, and select what the topics of interest to you.
  5. Access other applications, our policies, procedures and additional resources, plus keep your details up to date.


Mobile App and Notifications

Download the SEQTA Engage iOS or Android app and select 'allow notifications' to receive Direqt Messages on your phone or tablet.

You can also use SEQTA Engage in a web browser via

To view messages click the bell icon in the top right-hand corner.

You can remove all listed notifications once you have viewed them by clickiing 'clear'.

If you receive a notification and do not view it in SEQTA Engage, you will receive a reminder via email.  

See our User Guide for SEQTA Engage or contact Kris:

T | 8372 3200
E | 

Engage can also be accessed in a web browser via


To ensure we continue to provide quality services and excellent governance to the Mercedes College community, your feedback, suggestions, or concerns about our services and activities are always welcome. We use feedback to improve and benefit Mercedes College and our community.

By providing your feedback, making a suggestion or expressing a concern we can make our best better.