Uniform requirements Our uniform is an important part of our identity, and our students wear it with pride.

With gender-neutral uniform options, including shorts, long pants, a summer dress and winter skirt, our contemporary uniform ensures that all students can actively participate in physical activity at recess and lunchtime, including while wearing their formal uniform.

By offering our students a choice, we expect that all students will respect the College’s uniform requirements.

Accepting our Uniform Policy is a condition of enrolment, including that students neatly and correctly wear the formal and physical education (PE) uniforms as required.

All uniform items are available from The College Shop

Uniform requirements for Reception to Year 12 students

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 students wear the PE uniform.

From Year 3, students wear the formal school uniform (note: the skort is worn from Year 3 to Year 5 only).