Vacation Care All primary school-aged children are welcome to attend our Vacation Care, with our students encouraged to invite their friends along to the fun activities on offer.

We're here for you during the school holidays

Our Vacation Care programme,overseen by our Head of Junior School, is linked to the My Time Our Place - National Quality Framework for School Aged Care, with actitivities planned in consultation with our children and their families.

As My Time Our Place educators we are responsive to all children’s strengths, abilities and interests.

We strongly encourage children to participate in planned activities yet recognise that children have the right to make their own choices and alternative activities are provided as necessary.

All children aged 5 to 12 years are welcome to attend.

Our service operates from 7:20am to 6pm every day during the school holidays (excluding public holidays), as well as on Pupil Free days, although we do close for two weeks each Christmas/New Year.

Come and have fun at Vacation Care, and enjoy the fun activities on offer!

Child Care Subsidy | Mercedes College is an Approved Provider. If you wish to claim Child Care Subsidy (CCS), you will need to provide us with your Customer Reference Number (CRN) from Centrelink. For more information or to obtain a CRN number please visit

What to bring to Vacation Care

  • Recess
  • Lunch
  • Water bottle
  • Hat

Clothing and sun protection

Please ensure children wear enclosed shoes (thongs and slip on shoes are not suitable) and remember to label their clothing, lunch box and water bottle.

We follow the college policy of ‘no hat, no play’ so be sure to pack a hat too.

Healthy Food

Please help us reduce waste by packing ‘nude food’ in reusable containers and avoid packaging or snap lock bags.

Lunch is provided on select days in the program, with dietary needs catered for where possible.

If your child does not like the option supplied, please provide them with a packed lunch.

Due to health regulations we are not able to heat food brought from home. Children will be provided with a fresh snack each afternoon


The excursion times on each program include the departure and return times.

Children must arrive 15-30 minutes prior to bus departure times.

Before departing, we group the children, discuss specific venue guidelines, provide sunscreen and ensure that everyone has their lunch, hats and water bottles.


Return your booking forms to:
Debbie Goss
Mercedes College
T | 8372 3248
M | 0427 796 425
E |

Vacation Care program and booking consent forms are available from Week 7 of each term.

Allowable Absences
Families have up to 42 allowable absence days per child each financial year.

For the 2021-22 financial year, all families have been able to access 10 extra allowable absences per child, bringing the total to 52. This arrangement will come to an end on 11 July 2022.

COVID-19 Safe practices
We are committed to keeping our OSHC community as safe as possible and so continue to implement measures that mitigate the risk of spread of COVID-19.

Educators and visitors on the school grounds are vaccinated for COVID-19. Further, all educators will conduct hygiene practices inculding frequent hand washing, sanitisation of high touch areas, and social distancing where possible.

Please keep your child at home if they are unwell.