Fees To ensure ongoing student success, our College Council together with Catholic Education South Australia, responsibly balances investment in programmes, resources and facilities.

As a highly regarded International Baccalaureate world school we are proud of our record for academic excellence. By way of example, across the Class of 2021, 38 per cent of students are acknolwedged as laureates having obtained Merits in one or more of their Year 12 subjects, or placing in the top 10 per cent of students nationally by gaining at Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) of 90 or more. 

Offering a progressive, internationally focused curriculum, supported by family and community values, our students flourish.

Investing in your child’s education is a significant decision, and why we proudly provide an outstanding educational experience.

2023 Fee Schedule

Fees are reviewed annually, with invoices issued each November for the following academic year.

Per student

Junior School

Year Level

R (T1)

R (T3)*

Year 1

Tuition fee




Resource fee














*Mid-year Reception fees reflect a Monday to Friday enrolment for Term 3 and Term 4.

Year Level

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Tuition fee





Resource fee

















Middle School

Year Level

Year 6

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Tuition fee





Resource fee

















Senior School

Year Level

Year 10

Year 11**

Year 12**

Tuition fee




Resource fee














**IB Diploma Programme (Year 11-12)  incurs additional $850 per year.

Per family


Students concurrently attending

Capital levy

One child


Two children


Three or more children





One per family



Tuition fees

The Tuition Fee covers operational costs and resources of the College that are not met by Australian and State Government funding.

All tuition fees remain fixed throughout the year.

Ongoing enrolment at Mercedes College indicates acceptance of the Annual Fee Schedule.

Family discount

A sibling discout for tuition fees applies for students concurrently attending Mercedes College.

Students concurrently attending


Second child

15% of tuition fee

Third child

30% of tuition fee

Fourth child

60% of tuition fee

Fifth child

100% of tuition fee


Settlement discount

A settlement discount of 5% is granted when the full balance of the advance fee account is remitted to the College by close of business on 30 November, or the first working day thereafter. 

Tuition fee
This meets operational costs and resources not met by Australian and South Australian Government funding. Tuition fees remain fixed throughout the year unless significant and unforeseen circumstances arise.

Ongoing enrolment at Mercedes College indicates parent/caregiver acceptance of the Annual Tuition Fee structure.

Resource fee
This includes all compulsory Year level activities, excursions and camps that students undertake as part of the curriculum.

This fee also covers classroom and curriculum support materials plus ICT requirements. For our Year 6 students, the Resource Fee includes the Canberra Trip.

Capital levy
This is a compulsory levy determined by our Master Plan. It is not tax deductible.

College Yearbook
The College Yearbook is a compulsory charge added to accounts on a per family basis. Additional copies may be purchased from The College Shop.

Additional Charges
Discretionary charges necessary to meet curriculum, music or sporting outcomes, yet not undertaken by the whole year level group (and therefore excluded from the Resource Fee), are invoiced to the family account on a nomination basis.

Other activities including overseas trips and remote area camps cannot be reasonably determined at the beginning of the academic year and payment for these activities must be made through The College Shop upon notification.

Fees apply to students enrolled in the Year 11 and Year 12 IB Diploma and SACE Programme to cover costs associated with the delivery of the curriculum, such as registration, examination and moderation.

VET Courses and External Studies
Students may undertake Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses or study other subjects not offered by Mercedes College and earn credits required to achieve their SACE.

Parents/Caregivers are responsible for the payment of any VET course or external studies.

If the VET course or external subject is undertaken as an alternative to a SACE subject offered at the College - that is not as additional subject - then Mercedes College will apply a credit against the family account upon delivery of an external provider tax receipt, being 25 per cent of the course fee up to $1,000.

Fee and account enquiries
We understand that circumstances can change and that some people may find it difficult to meet their financial responsibilities and household expenses. 

If at any time you're having difficulty paying your fees, please get in touch. By talking to us, we can work with you to agree a payment plan so that you can get back on track with your account.

The College also supports families eligible for the State Government School Card Scheme. A Fee Support Application form is available on SEQTA Engage or by contactng us.

For account enquiries contact Karen, our Family Liaison Officer.

T | 8372 3200.

Mercedes College Fee Policy

Payment of Fees

Full payment of all Mercedes College fees is required by:

  1. in advance by 30 November of the current year.
  2. weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debit, credit card, BPay or other agreed instalments by arrangement with the Finance Department.

Fees under agreed payment plans with the College must be cleared in full by 30 November of the following year.

Where fees remain outstanding beyond the due date and no agreed payment arrangement is in place, or if under an agreed payment arrangement there is a repeated demonstration of non-payment, the account will be placed in credit management and if necessary passed to a commercial debt collection agency, which may be directed to:

  • Refer your account to solicitors.
  • Take court action to recover fees.

In addition, at the Principal’s discretion the student will not be eligible to attend major school trips and Mercedes College may choose not to hold a continued enrolment place for the student and/or administer student records.

Our policy is that one account is issued to the parents/caregivers who signed the enrolment contract and parents/caregivers are expected to make their own private arrangements for payment. A parent/caregiver is not able to ‘remove’ themselves from the enrolment contract without Mercedes College’s and the other parent/caregiver’s consent.

Pay using Qkr App

For all your school related payments use the Qkr App.

With the Qkr App you can pay your:

  • school fees
  • Mercedes College bus service fees
  • for the replacement of lost library books, and 
  • OSHC and Vacation Care bookings.

Download the Qkr App, and register so you can pay online.

Find out more.

Student Withdrawal

If a student is to leave Mercedes College, the parents/caregivers agree to give written notice to the Principal:

  • No later than one Term’s notice of which the student intends to leave.

If the parents/caregivers fail to comply, the parents/caregivers will pay or forfeit to Mercedes College (as the case may be) one Term of Tuition Fees and Capital Levy in lieu of notice.

Building Fund

Everyone is welcome to support Mercedes College by making a one-off or regular payment online.

Donations to the Mercedes College Building Fund are tax-deductible.