Our community spirit and focus on the individual needs of each child prepares our students to flourish as they take their place in the world.

Tuition Fees

Investing in your child’s future educational needs is one of the most important decisions for families to make. At Mercedes College, we would like to help you understand our Tuition Fee structure.  

We offer families weekly, fortnightly and monthly payment plans from November through to October or an annual upfront payment with a 5% discount.

2021 Tuition Fee Schedule

Year Level

1st Child

2nd Child

3rd Child

4th Child

5th Child

Years 10 to 12






Year 9






Years 6 to 8






Years 3 to 5






Reception to Year 2






Family Discount*






*The family discount applies to students concurrently attending Mercedes College.


2021 Capital Levy per family

Students Concurrently Attending

Annual Fee

One Child


Two Children


Three or More Children



2021 Resource Fee per student

Junior School

R to Year 5














Middle School

Years 6 to 9









*The Year 6 Resource Fees include the cost of the Canberra Trip.

Senior School

Years 10 to 12








PDF Version: 2021 Tuition Fees and Annual Fee Account Frequently Asked Questions

Mid-Year Reception Fees

Mid-Year Reception Fees for students starting in Semester 2. 

Family Discounts
Sibling discounts of 15% for the second child, 30% for the third child and 60% for the fourth child and 100% for the 5th child apply when students are concurrently attending Mercedes College.

Fee Schedule
Our fee schedule is inclusive of the Tuition Fee, Capital Levy and Resource Fees. No additional payments are required unless students participate in specific extracurricular activities such as individual musical instrumental tuition, speech and drama, sport or elective camps/trips in the Middle and Senior School, or if they choose to study the IB Diploma in Year 11 and 12.

Instalment Plans
The College offers weekly, fortnightly and monthly payment plans from November through to October.

Upfront Discount 
Accounts paid in full by 30 November the year prior will attract a 5% settlement discount.

Bring Your Own Device (Laptops / iPads)
Students in Reception to Year 2 will be provided with 1:1 College-owned iPads within their classroom environment.

In Years 3 to 5, students are required to bring their own device. It must be able to run the list of core and recommended applications for Years 3 - 5 and the College recommends an iPad that meets the minimum requirements. 

Students in Years 6 to 12 are required to bring their own laptop that meets or exceeds the minimum specifications. The College recommends the Apple MacBook Air / Pro (13”). However, non-Apple laptops meeting the specifications are also acceptable.

See more information on devices and minimum specifications

Enrolment Process
Please click here for information on how to lodge a Registration of Interest of Enrolment. Either before or after registering your interest, we invite you to attend an Orientation Walk to visit the College as students and staff go about their daily activities.