SEQTA Engage This is where we share important information with you, our families.

SEQTA Engage

  1. Direqt Messages [click the bell icon to read / send messages].
  2. See your child's Timetable, and message teachers if/as needed.
  3. Check your school fee account and payment history.

See our user guide to find out more, or contact Kris Wang using Direqt Message or by phoning +61 8 8372 3200.

Supporting our performing art students has never been easier, or more ‘playful’!

Buy one of 88 piano keys for just $88, and help us transition from traditional upright piano to a digital version that can be used anywhere and everywhere on campus.

Owning your own key is a great memento and wonderful way to support the performing arts at Mercedes College.

A fundraising initiative of Friends of the Arts (FOTA).