Academic Excellence Success at Mercedes College is measured by academic excellence plus each student's confidence, breadth of skills, abilities and engagement with their community to positively embrace, and continue to shape their future.

Class of 2022 Results

Congratulations to the Class of 2022, with 100 per cent of students achieving their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) or International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, with our 2022 Duces Sascha Spoor and Georgina Harvey leading the way.

In 2022, 85 per cent of our Year 12 students chose to study the SACE, with around 10 per cent improving their results with at least one IB Diploma subject. A further 15 per cent have undertaken the full six subject IB Diploma.

Our 2022 success - 

  • 30 per cent of students achieved an ATAR in the 90s
  • 15 per cent gained 95 or more, placing them in the top 5 per cent nationally.

A full 60 per cent of our students attained an ATAR of 80 or more, with half of these gaining an ATAR between 80 and 90.

We also commend 18 students who together achieved 33 Merits:

  • SACE Merits across Research Project B, Visual Arts (Art), and Psychology
  • IB Merits across English A: Literature, English B, French B, Indonesian B, Spanish ab initio, Business Management, Economics, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics Applications and Interpretations.

Congratulations also to those who included VET subjects across a range of areas including Business, Applied Fashion Design and Technology, Fitness, Screen and Media, Music Industry, and Health Services Assistance.

Our top 3 SACE students for 2022 are:

  1. Ned Starr, 99.05 | 2022 SACE Dux
    [Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Physics, English and Research Project B] | pictured.
  2. Rylan Ford 98.35
    [Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Physics, Business Innovation, Religion Studies, and Research Project B].
  3. Marianna De Tullio 97.9
    [English, Psychology, Society and Culture, Drama, Research Project B, and Religion Studies].

Our top 3 IB Diploma students for 2022 are our 2022 IB Duces:

  1. Georgina Harvey 43
    [English A: Literature, Psychology, Biology, Mathematics Applications and Interpretations, Visual Arts, and Indonesian].
  2. Sascha Spoor 43
    [English A: Literature, Business Management, Economics, Biology, Mathematics Applications and Interpretations, and Indonesian].
  3. Isabelle Stein 43
    [English A: Literature, Psychology, Biology, Mathematics Applications and Interpretations, Music, and French].

2021 Mercedes College Dux

Congratulations to Olenka Smolicz as the Class of 2021 Dux. She gained an ATAR of 99 following her outstanding achievement in her SACE studies with Merits in English and Visual Arts (Design) contributing to her SACE aggregate of 86.4 out of a maximum 90.

Congratulations to Anna Nixon and Alana Spirou as joint IB Diploma Duces for achieveing their IB Diploma with 41 points. Anna’s score included Merits in IB Biology HL, IB Chemistry SL and IB Maths AI SL while Alana gained Merits in IB Biology HL and IB Spanish ab initio SL.

2021 Laureates

In 2021 our students achieved excellent results with 59 students - or 38 per cent - acknowledged as laureates having obtained Merits in one or more of their Year 12 subjects, or placing in the top 10 per cent of students nationally by gaining an ATAR of 90 or more.

The distribution of ATARs shows that more than a third of the 2021 cohort gained an ATAR of 90 or higher with an impressive 19.7 per cent achieving an ATAR of 95 or higher. A near 60 per cent of students achieved an ATAR in the 80s.

The ATAR is used by universities for entry into their courses, and in 2021 ll students seeking a university pathway were given offers in the first round, with 73 per cent receiving their first preference. The most common pathways for students were toward Medicine and allied Health professions with Law, Commerce and Engineering continuing to be popular. As we have seen in previous years, interest in the Behavioural Sciences and Arts continues to gain momentum.

In 2021, our graduating students obtained 41 Merits across a wide variety of subjects in SACE and the IB Diploma Program:

  • SACE Research Project B
  • SACE English
  • SACE Essential English
  • SACE Visual Arts – Design
  • SACE Business Innovation
  • SACE General Mathematics
  • SACE Outdoor Education
  • IB English B SL and HL
  • IB French B SL
  • IB Indonesian B SL
  • IB Spanish ab initio SL
  • IB Biology HL
  • IB Chemistry SL, HL
  • IB Mathematics AA SL
  • IB Mathematics AI SL