Academic Excellence Success at Mercedes College is measured by academic excellence as well as each student's confidence, breadth of skills, abilities, and engagement with their community to positively embrace and continue to shape their future.

Class of 2023 Academic Results

The Mercedes College community congratulates the Class of 2023 on their outstanding achievements in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, and South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE).

IB Diploma students are scored out of a maximum of 45, with Daniel Cramond our highest achiever with 43 points (ATAR 99.25), making him our IB Diploma Dux. Daniel gained Merits in five out of six subjects. We also recognise the personal achievements of:

  • Mia Tuhou-King, who achieved 40 points (ATAR 97.30), and Merits in Psychology SL, and Sports, Exercise and Health Science HL.
  • Ella Farmer, who achieved 39 points (ATAR 96.35), and Merits in Sports Exercise and Health Science HL, Mathematics Applications and Interpretations SL.

Our top SACE student for 2023 is Amelia Owen-Turner, with an ATAR of 99.55, making her our SACE and 2023 College Dux. Amelia received three Merits. We also recognise the personal achievements of:

  • Grace McGowan, who achieved 98.80, and a Merit in Creative Arts.
  • Ashlee An, who achieved 98.20.

After ATAR conversion of all IB results, 24.8 per cent of Mercedes College students achieved in the 90s, with 7.5 per cent placing in the top 5 per cent nationally, having gained an ATAR of 95 or higher.

Mercedes College also commends 20 students who together achieved 33 Merits:

  • IB Merits across French B SL, Spanish ab initio, Geography HL, Psychology HL and SL, Biology HL, Physics HL, Sports, Exercise and Health Science HL, Mathematics Applications and Interpretations SL.
  • SACE Merits across English, Research Project B, General Mathematics, Visual Arts – Art, Business Innovation, Physical Education, Creative Arts, Spiritualities, Religion and Meaning and IB Spanish ab initio.

A further 34 students studied VET subjects across a range of areas including Fitness, Screen and Media, Business, Health Services, Retail, Applied Fashion, Sport Coaching, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Music.

Tertiary Success

For those graduates looking to continue to tertiary studies, 90 per cent of the 126 university offers received were for first preferences.

Popular tertiary directions for the Class of 2023 include:

  • Commerce and Business (14 per cent)
  • Health, Medicine, Veterinary Studies, and Physiotherapy (13 per cent)
  • Science (13 per cent)
  • Engineering, Construction, and Innovation (9 per cent)
  • Arts, Psychology, and Social Work (9 per cent).

Graduates are also going on to study in fields as diverse as Law, Marketing, Criminology, Computer Science, and Teaching.