Visual and Performing Arts At Mercedes College, students have opportunities across the Visual and Performing Arts an academic level, as well as for personal enjoyment.

We encourage students to take on challenges and interpret their world in creative ways through Visual and Performing Arts.

The opportunity to study Music is provided throughout our Reception to Year 12 curriculum. An instrumental program of individual lessons for students is provided by specialist teachers.

Drama is part of The Arts Area of Study for Years 6-12. Students in Years 10-12 perform their productions for a public audience as part of their assessment. Drama is combined with other Arts areas in the annual Middle School Production.

Visual Arts
Students at all levels of schooling have the opportunity to enjoy a diversity of experiences within the Visual Arts in the Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programs as well as SACE courses offered at the College.

A highlight of the annual Arts calendar is the Reception to Year 12 Visual Arts Exhibition, held in November, featuring the creative work of students from Mercedes College.