Joining our Middle School Being part of our Middle School is an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience.

A number of new students join us in Years 6 and Year 7, quickly forming friendships with our Junior School graduates who transition to the Middle Years Programme having completed the Primary Years Programme at the end of Year 5.

Year 6 and Year 7 are structured to assist students, and their families, successfully transition from primary to secondary schooling.

There is a sense of optimism and hope within our young people as they embark upon this journey yet we know that for some students leaving the familiar surroundings of primary school can be challenging. that's why we provide empathetic support, orientation, routine and understanding as students settle into the routine and hustle of our Middle School.

Home Group and Specialist Teachers
Years 6 and 7 Home Group teachers instruct across a number of subjects, enabling the development of a strong teacher and student relationship. Several subject lessons with the same group of students also enables them to build confidence and strengthen friendships.

The Home Group teacher is an adult advocate – someone who knows the students well, cares for them, and supports their academic and personal development. Home Group teachers know their students very well and genuinely care for their wellbeing.

They are able to identify behavioural changes in students that may need to be considered, and work with the Year Level Coordinators, Head of Middle School and College Psychologists as required to ensure positive outcomes. The Home Group teacher is also the primary person families make contact with us. 

In addition to their Home Group subjects, Years 6 and 7 students have specialist subject teachers across the curriculum, which enables them to mix with different peers across the cohort.

This combination of Home Group and specialist classes allows continuity of learning, while also introducing students to the structure of a secondary school timetable that becomes more prevalent as they progress through the Middle School.

Engaging experiences
In our Junior School, students are accustomed to fewer classes, and with plenty of interaction between them, and plenty of opportunities to get to know everyone in their Yearl level. In local primary schools, there may only be one class per year level, so as Year 6 and Year 7 are key intake years, and the beginning of secondary school, we have more Home Group classes and a bigger year level for students to get to know.

There are also many exciting opportunities for Year 7 students to learn beyond the classroom. This enables them to embrace new experiences and interact with their peers who may not be in their timetabled classes. New and engaging experiences include our annual Swimming and Athletics Carnivals and bike education in preparation for their mountain biking and orienteering camp.

These year level team-building activities provide an opportunity for Year 7 students to connect wit theirh peers and build long-lasting relationships. They also participate in problem-based learning and entrepreneurship, sport House Group competitions, bushwalks, reflection days, art excursions, dance programmes and beach activities.