Mercy Vine

Term 2, Issue No. 1 - 19 May 2023

College Leadership

Raising the bar

By Andrew Balkwill

Term 2 is a time of great learning. The College Calendar reflects this and is also why together with our Heads of School, Year Level Leaders and teachers, we are actively raising the bar on the small behaviours that together set our students up for success.

While they may feel mundane, the little things in life matter. Each simple act, from a well-made bed to being ready on time, are the first accomplishments of the day. Together they foster a sense of pride, encourage the doing of the next task and create momentum.

It’s also extremely difficult to take on big things, if the little things aren’t going well.

This week is Catholic Education Week, a time when we reflect of our job as educators and celebrate excellence. It’s our job this week and every week, to maintain a positive and engaging learning environment, and that’s why we are actively raising the bar on small actions, and supporting students to maintain standards that foster accountability and pride.

True to our Mercy Keys of Responsibility, Mutual Respect and Integrity, our campus is proudly ensuring minimal external distractions with students ready for learning from the very first bell, and proudly wearing their uniforms correctly.

Because learning is heightened when distractions are low, student mobile phones must be away during the school day, and smart watches set not to disrupt or ‘school mode’. Likewise, laptops, headphones and ear buds are only to be used as directed by teachers.

Distraction free learning is how we create a positive learning environment so that students can focus and flourish.

The little things in life matter. They bring joy and accomplishment. They matter.

At Mercedes College we have high expectations and high support. Informed by assessment, learning reviews and observation, our educators are tailoring their teaching effort so the age and stage needs of each child are met. Finding the sweet spot of learning that is neither too hard, or too easy, rather just right is how we optimise engagement, learning and growth. All of these aspects join together to enable learning through doing, one step at a time.

Thank you for the role you play in supporting your child and their learning. If you have any questions please contact your Year Level Leader in the first instance.

Andrew Balkwill