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Term 1, | Issue No. 2 - 10 March 2023

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Assessing concussion

By Guest Author

Your Brain Health is a collaboration between Adelaide neurological physiotherapy clinics and other health professionals involved in assessing and managing concussion.

With approximately 30 per cent of children in Australia suffering a concussion by the age of 13, the team are working with schools and sports organisations to better inform families about concussion with baseline testing available for individuals providing data to compare in the event of a concussion injury occuring.

Baseline testing for concussion is not new, rather Your Brain Health is providing a best practice mode to guide optimal care in the event of a concussion using key domains of

  • mental health well being
  • previous history - concussions. migraine etc.
  • sleep 
  • vestibular
  • ocular
  • processing speed, and
  • balance

With the help of NeuroFlex® technology these baseline tests are time efficient and help with targeted treatment and decisions about return to learn or play.

To find out more visit Your Brain HealthNeuroFlex® or contact

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Community safety | everyone's responsibility

Keeping children safe is the responsibility of everyone in our community.

Please talk with your children about how they can stay safe when out and about, including what to do (and not do) if they are approached by someone they don't know.

If approached by someone unknown and unwelcome, children are advised to keep walking/moving, not engage in conversation, and to never accept an offer for a ride or gift.

If they feel unsafe they can also seek the assistance of other nearby and trusted adults, as well as make a formal report to police.

South Australia Police suggest that if children are approached by someone unknown and unwelcome, that they use their mobile phone - if they have one - to call police if anything about the interaction "doesn't feel right".

Reports about suspicious activity can be made to:


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