Mercy Vine

Term 1, | Issue No. 2 - 10 March 2023

Abundance of learning experiencesBy Andrew Balkwill

Today we enjoyed the Year 7 to Year 12 Athlectics Carnival at the SA Athletics Stadium and celebrated the International Womens' Day breakfast with invited students able to hear from keynote speaker, Ambassador Caroline Kennedy. We are well into Term 1 and there’s an abundance of learning taking place right across our campus now, with more to come!  From early learners adjusting to new routines, and senior students setting themselves up for assessment success, to inquiry based learning in the classroom as young minds explore issues and topics through a solutions lens, learning takes many forms. Read more >

Independence, responsibility, courage

Camp experiences solidify connections

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Embracing leadership opportunities

Welcome to the start of the 2023 academic year, especially families joining our community for the first time

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Starting Senior School with confidence

Senior leaders shine at events and prepare for a big year ahead

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Director of Mission

Compassion marks the season of Lent

By Deborah Lubatti

The early weeks of 2023 have marked many important occasions.

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Fabulous at 55

Lifelong friends

By Guest Author

Lifelong connections forged through the International Student Programme

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Good Sports

Sporting achievements

By Josh Archer and Tamae Ninos

Welcome back to Mercedes College Sport for 2023!

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Junior artists shine

By Mercedes College Arts Faculties

Colour and music fill the campus

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Surprising STEM

Forensic science in action

By Jennifer Chan

What makes a claim scientific?

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Beyond the Classroom

Building capability

By Mercedes College

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Enriching Experiences

Mentors ready to offer support

By Stephen Heuzenroeder

A new year with new mentoring opportunites

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Introducing our College Psychologists

By Anne Way

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Old Scholars

Old scholar updates

By Mercedes College

Art, sport, Class of 2018, and an AGM

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College News

Assessing concussion

By Guest Author

Your Brain Health is a collaboration between Adelaide neurological physiotherapy clinics and other health professionals involved in assessing and managing concussion.

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News and Events

Community safety | everyone's responsibility

Keeping children safe is the responsibility of everyone in our community.

Please talk with your children about how they can stay safe when out and about, including what to do (and not do) if they are approached by someone they don't know.

If approached by someone unknown and unwelcome, children are advised to keep walking/moving, not engage in conversation, and to never accept an offer for a ride or gift.

If they feel unsafe they can also seek the assistance of other nearby and trusted adults, as well as make a formal report to police.

South Australia Police suggest that if children are approached by someone unknown and unwelcome, that they use their mobile phone - if they have one - to call police if anything about the interaction "doesn't feel right".

Reports about suspicious activity can be made to:


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