Term 4, Issue No. 1 - 11 November 2022


All Saints Day

By Helen Ayliffe

Year 6 cohort celebrates the life and works of saints

There are over 11,000 saints revered and worshipped by Christians worldwide, however, an official list of all saints does not exist.

In Week 3 our Year 6 cohort celebrated the culmination of their MYP Unit of Inquiry, Saints in the Making, putting a lot of care and effort into costumes representing some well known, and some little-known saints from around the world. Elaine Grottick and myself were delighted to be guest judges, hearing each student's knowledge, stories and undertstanding of their chosen saint, and their roles, accomplishments, and patronage.

Student reflections:
"We had been planning and researching for All Saints Day for a week. We all looked so good in our costumes, we gathered in the library and took photos then went back to our classrooms and one by one all went up to present to the class. Overall it was really fun and we all had a great time." -- Sofia Tropeano

"I really enjoyed All Saints Day because we were able to have fun and dress up as our favourite saints, but at the same time we were learning about their life and story. When the time came that each student presented to the class, everyone got excited. We were able to tell our whole class and teachers about our wonderful saint’s life. Overall, the experience was very fun and enjoyable. HAPPY ALL SAINTS DAY!" -- Gilbert Pronk

Helen Ayliffe
Learning Area Leader
Religious Education