Term 2, Issue No. 2 - 10 June 2022

Senior School News

Knowledge, planning and compassion

By Michael Francis

Seminars, careers, reconciliation, and the great outdoors.



In solidarity in reconciliation

As part of the way we acknowledged National Reconciliation Week (NRW), our entire Middle And Senior School community came together in a powerful assembly to recognise the importance of NRW in Australian society. Students from a range of year levels spoke about the need for our continued effort to bring the spirit of Catherine McAuley to the reconciliation process, and I share with you a message of Mercy from Mickey O’Brien (in 2020) who explained that we might interpret the word mercy in Kaurna language as:

Tangka mankurrinthi – to have compassion for, feel attached to, make friends with (someone)

Career development opportunities in the Senior School

Since our last Mercy Vine our Senior School cohort have spent time exploring possible career options for their futures.

Year 10 students engaged with BDO Australia, participating in a detailed careers aptitude questionnaire. Students and parents are able to access detailed feedback on personal skills and attributes that could guide future career path considerations.

Year 11 students have been securing work experience placements, which they'll enjoy in late June, and builds on the two or three day experiences they had in 2021.

Year 12 students embraced the opportunity to speak with some of our MOSA community by attending MOSA Career Mentoring, where MOSA members shared their study and workplace experiences across 20 career paths with our current students. (Pictured above talking nursing and midwifery, and below with our business presenters and talking journalism.)

All of these opportunities assist to inform future decisions of our students through our generous Mercedes College community – truly valuable!

Alcohol and Drug Education – Paul Dillon

It was with great anticipation that we welcomed Paul Dillon back to Mercedes College on 16 May to share his expertise and research on the impacts of drug and alcohol use among young people with all Senior School students. This continues our long relationship with Paul and once again students were engaged and receptive to his messages of safety, positive health, and respect for ourselves and our peers. Parents are encouraged to view fact sheets and information via Paul's website.

Read more about these sessions in Family Matters.

The great outdoors

Finally I leave you with some images from the Year 10 Camps, which included fishing, surfing and kayaking, and the Year 11 Outdoor Education Camp. Congratulations to all participants for thriving during these opportunities.

Michael Francis
Head of Senior School


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