Term 2, Issue No. 2 - 10 June 2022

Choosing Mercedes CollegeBy Andrew Balkwill

Each year, families choose Mercedes College to educate their children. Decisions about our children are rarely made lightly. From the day they are born, our focus as parents is on providing the best for them and making their path in life better than our own. Read more >

The season of giving

"Love is like Bread, it has to be made fresh every Day" - Michael Leunig.

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Developing and celebrating the whole child

Values-based learning

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Camps dominate the Middle School

Challenges and achievements making lasting memories

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Senior School News

Knowledge, planning and compassion

By Michael Francis

Seminars, careers, reconciliation, and the great outdoors.

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The Arts Corner

Hoods | End game

By Mercedes College

Senior Drama production a huge success

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Family Matters

Our continuing partnership with Paul Dillon

By Anne Way

Giving guidance to our students and their families

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Out of School Hours Care

Winter fun with OSHC

By Debbie Goss

Warming welcomes and the Winter Vacation Care Program

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From the Sports Desk

SAPSASA Successes in football and cross country

By Mercedes College

Celebrating a few of our recent SAPSASA stories from around the College

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Funded, delivered and loved

By MP&FA Committee

Supporting our students

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Success stories, reunions and your chance to party

By Anne Morse

Celebrate our Old Scholars and join us for Christmas in July

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Student Report

Student Reflections

By Mercedes College

Students reflect on recent community service

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