Term 3, Issue No. 1 - 5 August 2022

Middle School News

Busy bees in Middle School

By Ben Dray

There's a jam-packed Term ahead

Welcome back to Term 3, I hope our students and families enjoyed a relaxed and enjoyable break. Students have come back looking invigorated and excited for a jam packed Term 3, especially for two upcoming Middle School Camps (Year 7 and Year 8).

I would also like to formally welcome seven new students to our Middle School. We wish you and your families well as you settle into Mercedes College, and we look forward to your long and active participation within our community.

Year 6 | Lily James

Year 7 | Sienna Hormazabal, Matisse Elliott, and Taras Kholodenko

Year 8 | Marco Hormazabal, and Chloe Hanel

Year 9 | Lila Pye

Year 9 Reflection Day
Pictured, above: students engaging in meditation

The Year 9 Reflection Day offered students different ways to think about spiritual/religious perspectives and experiences, and was an opportunity to gather in a different way. Being off-campus, and with the altered tone that comes with that, students spoke with someone they may not commonly interact with to develop stronger relationships as a cohort.

Below are some reflections from our Year 9 students.

  • "I enjoyed the meaningful conversations and connecting with peers"
  • "After today’s session I will think a little more about how my behaviours may negatively impact others"
  • "I learnt more about what a respectful relationship looks like"
  • "I found it good as a boy to have a space to feel comfortable talking about the problems that men face"
  • "I liked how we collaborated in groups and talked about issues that we are faced with in our adolescence"

Education on Vaping

Through our Growth and Personal Skills Programme, part of our ongoing commitment to the education of wellbeing among our young people, the College will continue prioritising knowledge of the effects vaping and vandalism has in our community. Below are some important resources, including from Paul Dillon, who visited our Senior School students earlier this year, to support students and their families to better understanind the use of vapes.

Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia | Vaping, Parent Resources

Quit | E-cigarettes and teens

SA Health | Quitting smoking

smokefree.gov | How to quit vaping

Cancer Council SA | Electronic cigarettes and vaping


As we continue to navigate the uncertainties of 2022, we certainly know that the best learning takes place face-to-face. As our Middle School students build the foundations for a strong Senior School experience, we want to make sure they are achieving their best outcomes. Being in a classroom is the best way to do this.

Home Group teachers and Year Level Leaders will continue to monitor student attendance and check in with students who are absent from school for three consecutive days or more. Where extended absences are occurring, Home Group and subject teachers can be contacted for additional support as needed.

Academics and Learning Reviews

I hope families were able to use the term break to reflect on the Semester 1 report and gain further understanding of the learning journey undertaken so far this year. I would like to acknowledge all students who experienced success (in one way or another) during Terms 1 and 2.  I continue to encourage all Middle School students to work hard towards personal goals, ask questions during lessons, and accept and reflect on mistakes along the way.  

Learning Reviews will be held on Monday 15 August (Week 4) and represent another opportunity for students, parents and teachers to discuss the learning journey of students. These reviews are aimed especially for those students who are experiencing some difficulties in particular subjects, as well as those who may not be reaching their potential.  Learning reviews can be requested by teachers or parents.

Ben Dray
Head of Middle School