Term 3, Issue No. 1 - 5 August 2022

The Arts Corner

Connecting to the arts industry

By Loretta Bowshall-Freeman

Real world arts experiences

Outstanding experience

At Mercedes College we strive to make genuine connections with arts industry to further enhance learning opportunities for our students. This mindset has resulted in valuable work experience for Year 11 student Matthew Frost.

Working with Nexstage, Matthew contributed to the set up of the Pavilion for major event Illuminate, aligning projectors, slinging trusses, and installing hand railing and banners. As a result of this experience, Matthew was invited back for a paid opportunity during the second week of the holidays to assist with the set up of Spin Off at the Adelaide Showground where he was part of the team responsible for the stage installation prior to the addition of lights and sound.

A fantastic result for Matthew, and a great example of how connections in the arts industry can further our students' passions. Well done, Matthew!


SALA is Australia's largest and most inclusive visual arts festival, and Mercedes College is a part of it.

Exhibitions are held across the state in galleries and non-traditional arts spaces, as well as online - which is where you will find our students' work.

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Dr Loretta Bowshall-Freeman
Learning Area Leader Arts R-12