Term 4, Issue No. 2 - 12 December 2022

Reflections on a wonderful yearBy Andrew Balkwill

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A fabulous year in Junior School

A celebration of 2022 and Season's Greetings

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Celebrating learning experiences

New student leadership and rewards

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Passing the baton

Farewell to the Class of '22 and welcome to our new leaders for '23

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From the Director of Mission

Spirit of giving

By Therese Wilson

Tis the Christmas season…

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From The Primary Sports Desk

Section 1 SACPSSA Athletics Carnival

By Jeffrey Wray

Outstanding results in athletics

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Family Matters

Transitioning into the new year

By Anne Way and Andrea Fairlie

Helping your child be ready for 2023

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FOTA in 2023

By Paul Kitching

Now, what's that all about?

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Out of School Hours Care

Wishing you a very 'Hygge' Christmas

By Debbie Goss

Danish comfort comes to OSHC

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From the Sports Desk

Summer sport 2023 on the horizon

By Tamae Ninos and Josh Archer

A summary of the year and more student achievements

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The Arts Corner

Amazing Arts

By Natalie Goodair and Sandy Lee

Singin' and dancin' and ceramics in the Rain

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A joyful end to 2023

By Christine Kenny and Jo Cowain

Santa and Sports fun

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Old Scholars and milestones

By Anne Morse

Original Old Scholars and Mimili milestone

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Student Mentoring Programme

You've got a friend in SMP

By Stephen Heuzenroeder

An end-of-year celebration of connections made

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