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Term 3, 29 September 2023

The wonder of learningBy Andrew Balkwill

When I spend time walking around our grounds and visiting classrooms, I see the wonder of learning. It’s visible every day at Mercedes College, as children’s eyes light up as a concept or skill is understood, later mastered, and connections made between otherwise unrelated topics. Read more >

Learning with students

Another incredible Term of learning and growth.

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Shared experiences

Bonds formed by challenging comfort zones and embracing risk.

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Enhanced by community

Engagement with old collegians and current parents is adding to the rich learning of our senior students.

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Director of Mission

Living our founders spirit

By Deborah Lubatti

We are witness to the Mercy Keys daily.

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Wellbeing support

By Andrea Fernandez

Farewell for now...

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Good Sports

Winter Sports Awards

By Tamae Ninos and Josh Archer

The full list of Most Valuable Player and Coaches Award recipients from the Winter Sports season.

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Enriching Experiences

Thanks Year 12 Mentors

By Mercedes College

...until next time!

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Good Sports

Outstanding Sportsmanship

By Jeffrey Wray

A perfect demonstration of Mutual Respect.

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Student Leadership

Helping out Variety

By Mercedes College

Variety SA's Picnic at the Zoo

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College News

Charter for Parents

By Catholic School Parents SA

Supporting each child to flourish.

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