Mercedes Old Scholars Association (MOSA) A valued part of our Mercedes College Community, our old scholars play a pivotal role in the continuing development of Mercedes College by generously contributing and supporting volunteer programmes, as well as participating at special events and functions.

MOSA plays a pivotal role in the continuing development of Mercedes College by supporting volunteer programmes, participating at special events and functions and generously contributing to college life for our students.

While continuing to expand their services, our old scholars engage current members and encourage new ones to join the fun.

Youi can follow MOSA on Facebook, where we regularly post updates about our old scholars, coming events, fun college history snippets plus each week we post our popular 'Flashback Friday'. 

MOSA Committee

The following old scholars were elected to the MOSA Committee at The Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 16 March 2022:

Jessica Whitford (nee Basso 1998)

Vice President

Ryan Hood (2002)


Ellen Watson (2014)

Executive Officer
Anne Morse (Mercedes College staff)

Committee Members
Justin Busse (1988)
Maree Hatedakis (1996)
Nick Pipinias (1997)
Rob Cardone (2003)
Alisha Hart (Rogowski, 2005)
Elsa Conlon (2017)
Harrison Groth (2017)

See the MOSA Committee role descriptions for more information about our committee.


14 May | Class of 2002, 20 Year Reunion
School Tour | 5pm-6.30pm
Plant 3 Bowden | 7pm

20 May | Year 12 MOSA Career Mentoring

21 May | Class of 1992, 30 Year Reunion
7pm | The Torrens Arms Hotel Loft

28 May | Class of 1997, 25 Year Reunion
7pm | The Torrens Arms Hotel Loft

6 June | 1950-60s Lunch
12pm | Piccoli Piatti

2 July | MOSA Christmas in July
Junior School Hall | 7pm

31 July | Rescheduled Class of 1991, 30 Year Reunion
The Loft, Torrens Arms Hotel | 7pm

1 August | 1950-60s Lunch
12pm | Piccoli Piatti

19 August | Year 11 MOSA Career Mentoring

3 September | Class of 1982, 40 Year Reunion
School Tour | 4.30pm-6pm
7pm | The Torrens Arms Hotel Loft

7 September | Class of 2021 First Reunion and Yearbook celebration
5pm-6.30pm | Sunken Garden

5 October | MOSA 1950-60-70s Mass/Lunch
Ursula Frayne Chapel or Mercy Lecture Theatre | Staffroom for lunch

9 October | Sydney Reunion
2pm-5pm | Venue TBA

19 October | MOSA Playdate/Tour/Morning Tea
9.30am-11am | Peppertree Playground

23 October | Class of 1972-73, 50 Year Reunion
12pm-3pm | Lunch and School Tour | Mercedes College

4 November | MOSA Assembly
12.40pm-1.20pm | Gleeson Hall

6 November |Class of 1960-64, 60 Year Reunion
12pm-3pm | Lunch and School Tour | Mercedes College

5 December | 1950s and 60s Christmas Lunch
12pm | Piccoli Piatti

MOSA Career Mentoring

Each year Mercedes old scholars provide career advice to our Year 11 and 12 students as part of the MOSA Career Mentoring Programme. A wide variety of careers are offered and students have the opportunity to hear from old scholars currently undertaking  tertiary study as well as those people now working in their chosen field.

If you would like to be involved please contact MOSA Executive Officer Anne Morse via

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MOSA Strategic Plan 

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MOSA Executive Officer
P: 8202 9429

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