Mercedes offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) which is recognised for entrance to any university in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather in Adelaide like?

Adelaide experiences warm, dry summers with an average daily maximum ranging from 25 to 35 degrees celsius.

It experiences mild winters with an average daily maximum ranging from 15 to 20 degrees celsius.

Does Mercedes offer dormitory style accommodation?

No, we prefer the Homestay environment where the student is treated as part of an Australian family.

Homestay assists students to learn English quickly, adjust to the Australian lifestyle more proficiently, and supports their learning programmes while being cared for in a family environment. We think this provides a higher level of care for your son or daughter.

All Homestay families are screened by the College to ensure their suitability.

Do Mercedes College courses lead to University?

Mercedes College is regarded as a high academic achievement school and strives for academic excellence. It has a very high success rate with more than 92% of students achieving tertiary entrance in a discipline of their choice.

Most of our students go on to university studies in Engineering, Medicine, Law, Commerce, Economics, Computer Science and Teaching.

The South Australian Certificate of Education Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) is recognised for university entrance in Australia, the USA, Canada and a number of high-ranking universities around the world.

Mercedes also offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) which is recognised for entrance to any university in the world.

Does Mercedes have good learning facilities?

With state of the art information technology resources, Mercedes College is committed to online learning and across campus wi-fi. All students have internet access and email facilities. Students learn computing and use computers in every subject area.

Other learning facilities include:

  • Library and information resource centre
  • Arts and multi-media suite – computer aided design
  • Drama and the expressive arts complex
  • Music suite
  • Five fully equipped science laboratories
  • All classrooms have contemporary learning resources.

What about Sporting Facilities?

Mercedes enjoys having most of its sporting facilities on the one campus.

Physical Education (PE) is an important part of the curriculum and provides valuable opportunities for students to enjoy South Australia’s unique scenery and friendly lifestyle.

The college has wonderful playing fields for soccer, football, cricket, hockey and softball as well as tennis courts, two indoor gymnasiums for basketball, and facilities for volleyball, badminton and table tennis. 

What is the special “mark” of the College that makes it different from others?

Without a doubt it is the care shown to students.

Mercedes College prides itself on family tradition, on developing a strong sense of belonging amongst students' staff and families.

Not only does Mercedes College have a variety of “care” resources for use by students, the College takes very seriously its obligation to follow up to make sure that your son or daughter is getting the most from their education.

Particular resources available for international students include:

  • Academic Advisor, a teacher with a background in International Studies that counsels the students with respect to study requirements and subject selections.
  • Accommodation and Welfare Coordinator who is available 24 hours a day to support the International Student, as well as to mediate on behalf of the student with the Homestay parent.
  • Full time student counselor (non-teaching).
  • Careers and tertiary entrance specialist to advise students on the subjects required to gain the right admission status.
  • Year Level Coordinators.

What happens if my child gets ill?

The school has a nurse on campus to assist with minor medical ailments. The College has established relationships with a wide variety of medical practitioners who respond quickly to student needs if required. 

Most general health costs (excluding pharmaceuticals and specialist services) are covered by government insurance under a scheme for overseas students.

The Coordinator of Student Accommodation and Welfare or the Homestay Coordinator will arrange appointments and transport if necessary.

Who is the legal Guardian of my child whilst in Australia?

The Principal of the College, Mr Andrew Balkwill, assumes that responsibility for a nominal fee. From the moment your son or daughter arrives at Adelaide Airport they come under the care and guardianship of the College, unless other arrangements are organised during the enrolment process.

Does my son/daughter have to sit an English test before their arrival?

Students must present evidence of English proficiency. This process is explained during enrolment. If they are unable to provide suitable evidence, the student will be placed in the Mercedes Language Programme, where they will receive English language classes until they reach a suitable level to be able to attend mainstream classes. 

Will the fees at the school increase?

The school’s fees are reviewed annually in August by the school’s governing council. Invoices are sent to parents in October. 

It is suggested that families budget for a 4-6% increase per annum for tuition fees charged each year. 

What are the contact hours for the school?

At Mercedes College, our students study fulltime. A fulltime study load is 25 hours a week of staff/student contact time for 40 weeks per year. The school conducts classes from 8.30am – 3.30pm on Monday through to Friday.

The school year is divided into four terms with the main holiday break taken over December and January. Term 1 commences at the end of January or early February.

What can I do if I have a disagreement or a dispute with the school?

If you disagree with any decision made at Mercedes College, you have a right to an appeal. Any decisions that affect your study can be appealed and discussed, by making the complaint in writing to the Principal. The appeals procedure will then be implemented.

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