Year 10 Personal Project 2023

Year 10 Personal Project 2023

Welcome and congratulations to our Year 10 students who undertook the journey.


Some activities encourage students to extend themselves, to become lost in their learning and find genuine meaning in what they are doing. The Personal Project aims to be just that, and the impact it can have on students cannot be overstated.

Welcome to the 2023 Personal Project Exhibition, and congratulations to our Year 10 students who undertook the journey this year.

In this exhibition you will see half marathons, cookbooks, paintings, music composition, coding, woodworking, clothes making, small business development, workout and nutrition regimes and more.

The display represents the diverse projects undertaken by students with the associated learning being immense. Each project represents at least 25 hours of learning, equating to more than 3500 hours of work on display!

The International Baccalaureate (IB) outlines the importance of students developing skills beyond the content of lessons and subject disciplines. Throughout, students are engaged in meaningful skill development, setting them up for future success.

The Personal Project provides the opportunity to explore interests and passions, and in doing so, demonstrate capacity to learn and apply Approaches to Learning skills – or as the IB classifies them – Thinking, Communication, Social, Self-Management and Research skills. 

In the project report, students reflect upon and demonstrate their Approach to Learning skills.

Enjoy the exhibition!

Stuart Wuttke
​​​​​​​IB MYP Coordinator