Rosie Lewis

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Personal Project Summary – Rosie Lewis

My personal project goal was to produce an artwork to represent recent Kangaroo Island bushfires and how they have affected wildlife and their habitats. I have a passion for the natural world and wanted to integrate my interest in native animals and plants, with my art skills. I planned to create a watercolour story detailing the different stages of a bushfire and the effects on native flora and fauna species and their interactions. I selected the global context of Scientific and Technical Innovation as my topic relates to the exploration of the natural world and natural processes; bushfires and their impact on native habitats. While there were several global contexts which my project was relevant to, the scientific and technical innovation best supported my focus on the natural world and how we understand it. Prior to the personal project, I had experience in drawing and painting single animals but I wanted to extend my skills by considering how I could tell a story through an artwork, creating a composition that reflected the outcome of my research. I came across a number of challenges while creating my product,  including the use of new watercolour techniques and how to accurately portray a fire-damaged landscape. I referred back to my research to assist with these new techniques and conducted additional research into watercolour techniques when needed. I really enjoyed the challenge of making my research come to life through my artwork and combining all of my research to create a scientifically accurate story.  Not only did I broaden my knowledge of the effects of bushfire, but I also learnt how to tell a story and portray emotion through an artwork, and I developed my learning skills, especially in the areas of thinking and researching. I encourage next year’s students to create a timeline in order to stay on schedule and spread the workload across the terms and to choose a research topic of interest as it helps to maintain motivation throughout the Personal Project.