Sydney O'Connor

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The goal of my project was to get a greater understanding of architecture and components that effect architecture in different parts of the world and too make it more attainable to build efficient, economic and stable buildings in developing countries. I planned of achieving this by researching about different developing countries and creating a model of the addition to our house. The global context for my intended product was Globalisation and sustainability because I wanted to research about international places and find out how their building regulations can be sustainable for that part of the world in relation to other parts of the world. The challenges I faced during this project were creating the model because of the equipment used to create it and my lack of knowledge of how to create a model. I overcame this by watching many tutorials on YouTube and using problem solving skills by thinking of possible solutions to solve the issues I had creating the model. Although I had many challenges with creating this model, I really enjoyed learning these new skills. I learnt how to be more patient, how to build a model using scale and many interesting things about developing countries and how the weather effects buildings in different places around the world.