Olivia Sampson

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For this project, my goal was to research about the effects of human impact on animals, design and paint animal artworks, print the art onto t-shirts, sell t-shirts, give the money to charity, survey others about the impact the product had on them. I chose the global context; fairness and development. This relates to my goal as I am exploring the rights of animals and the responsibilities of us humans to try to change the actions of our past and make a sustainable future, sharing our resources with animals and the conflict resolution options to support these animals from the harm done by humans. I really enjoyed creating the product as it used my interest in the arts. Not only painting, but photography, design and making clothing. I am very happy with my product outcome as I can use the final product in my daily life and my family also has new paintings to decorate the house. Additionally, I can use my knowledge about animal cruelty to know what to look for when shopping and knowing when animal have been used to make a product.
When learning about my topic, wanted to do something to help and contribute to the issue. I was really inspired by the work done by the endangered species centre and thought that I could use my product to earn money to help African animals in danger from humans. I advise next year personal project students to finish their product by a certain date and start their report as soon as possible to have to most time to edit it.