Year 10 Personal Project 2020


Welcome to the 2020 Personal Project Exhibition and a huge congratulations to the Year 10 students of 2020 who undertook the journey this year with the added challenge of Covid-19. This year the exhibition moves online, grouped by the Global Context choice students used as a driver for their projects it showcases images, a student summary and the final report. If a project intrerests you and you would like to read more, view the full project report by clicking the download button on an individual students page.

Please note that the work displayed here is the property of the individual students, beyond viewing the material it is not to be edited, shared or recreated in any way.

Personal Project 2020:

The Personal Project concludes a significant student-directed research project produced over an extended period, completed as a compulsory component during the final year of the MYP. It holds an important place in the MYP and reflects each student’s experience of the programme. It provides an excellent opportunity for students to produce a truly personal and creative work of their choice and to demonstrate the Approaches to Learning skills they have developed throughout the programme.
The personal nature of the project is important; students have based their work around a topic that motivates and interests them and is firmly embedded in a Global Context of their choosing. Central to the experience of the Personal Project: all of the projects seen in the exhibition investigate and focus on a topic and/or issue through a chosen Global Context.

Please enjoy looking through some of the projects. Each project represents a minimum of 20 hours of work (with many students doing much more than this), as a cohort this is well over a minimum of 2500 hours of collective work on display. Perhaps browse through them all, or just click on the ones that interest you by looking at the cover pictures and summaries. Either way, we hope you enjoy looking at the amazing work produced by the students in the 2020 Personal Project Exhibition.

Mr Stuart Wuttke,

IB MYP Coordinator