SALA 2020: Home

Welcome to HOME, Mercedes College’s inaugural online art exhibition for SALA Festival

This online exhibition of art, media, and music – created by Mercedes College’s Junior, Middle, and Senior School students – represents what ‘home’ means to them. Student leaders across the schools have selected notable artworks and subsequently awarded students whom they felt expressed the essence of ‘home’.

I was in the process of packing and moving from my family home of twenty-five years when this exhibition’s theme was inspired. It was the end of 2019 and I had the onerous task of deciding what to keep and what to pass on. The process of moving made me aware of how we can accumulate 'stuff' and how such possessions can carry memories and sentimental value. The ‘stuff’ that brings comfort, happiness, and joy exists in some of the smallest things like, family, friendship, and a comfortable place to rest.

Mercedes College provides a strong values-centred Catholic education based on the tradition of the Sisters of Mercy. The biographical excerpts of the Adelaide Sisters of Mercy mark their 140-year celebration in South Australia. Their life’s work, individually and collaboratively, has sought to bring comfort and care to many, especially for those who have a tenuous relationship with a home.

The Mercy Keys of Compassion, Loyalty, Justice, Integrity, Responsibility, and Mutual Respect are core values that are an integral part of the way of life for all members of the Mercedes community. Responsibility is the focus for 2020, and through this exhibition we aim to support the work of several charitable causes.

Donations for Catherine House, Adelaide Day Centre, and Adelaide Project Zero, who aim to provide comfort to people in our community, can be made by purchasing a unique ceramic badge created especially for this exhibition.

We strive to remain connected with our mercy tradition and this beautiful Kaurna land.

“On this land we gather with the stories of the past and the roots of our people. Our presence in our future depends on how we look
after this land we share with all who live and visit. It is in our hands.”
- Chris Burthumarr Crebbin, Mercedes College, resident artist 2019.

Thank you to the numerous individuals that have made this project happen.

Luisa Stocco
Visual Art Subject Leader 6-12
Mercedes College

Image description: Sadie, Isabella, Eliza, and Bianca hold up a quilt made with the Year 6 textile paintings of their homes.