Year 10 Personal Project 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Personal Project Exhibition and a huge congratulations to the Year 10 students who undertook the journey this year. The Personal Project concludes a significant student-directed research project produced over an extended period. Holding an important place in the MYP, it reflects each student’s experience of the programme as it provides an excellent opportunity for students to produce a truly personal and creative work of their choice. Through the project, students demonstrate the Approaches to Learning Skills they have developed throughout the programme such as Communication, Self Management, Research, Social and Thinking skills. 

Please enjoy looking through some of the projects. Perhaps work through them all, or just click on the ones that interest you by looking at the cover pictures. Either way, we hope you enjoy looking at the amazing work produced by the students in the 2022 Personal Project Exhibition. The project pictured above is the work of Reuben DeTullio who designed a new Mercedes College Football uniform.

*Please note that some projects are currently missing items from the exhibition. Once the missing projects and images are given to me I will upload them ASAP.

Kind regards,

Mr Stuart Wuttke
IB MYP Coordinator