CIS Accreditation drives continuous improvement at Mercedes

Council of International Schools Accreditation

Mercedes College has always maintained a strong commitment to fostering international understanding and awareness of others. We were the first Australian school to become an Associate Member of the Council of International Schools (CIS), one of three Catholic schools nationally, the only Catholic School in South Australia and one of 425 schools world-wide who have been awarded accredited status.

CIS Accreditation drives continuous improvement at Mercedes, demonstrating our commitment to a high quality international education.  It also synchronises the IB Programme evaluation process of whole-school evaluation and accreditation.

CIS Accreditation confers an international recognition to stakeholders world-wide including prospective families, educational leaders and teachers, universities, embassies, other government departments and global companies and organisations.

Mercedes commenced the process towards CIS Membership in 2005 through a directed comprehensive self-study followed by rigorous evaluations by Visiting Teams. The Accreditation is reviewed every five years, which was last completed in 2017. 

The CIS accreditation process involves the College being assessed against a number of internationally recognised standards. It is a thorough process and ensures that we cannot sit back with complacency. Our culture, governance, leadership, financial practices, commitment to internationalism, human relations, student wellbeing programmes, co-curricular activities, staff professional support and basic policies, and risk control practices are analysed and compared to quality world standards.

The CIS Visiting Team who led this accreditation process comprised educators from local, national and international settings and provided wonderful insights into what we are doing well and areas in which we could improve. Overall their report was very positive and left us with a real sense of the future directions that will lead to ongoing positive development in our school.