Mercedes provides a strong values centred Catholic education based on the tradition of the Sisters of Mercy.

Mercy Keys

Mercedes College provides a strong values-centred Catholic education based on the tradition of the Sisters of Mercy. The Keys of Compassion, Loyalty, Justice, Integrity, Responsibility and Mutual Respect are core values that are an integral part of the way of life for all members of the Mercedes community.

Each year the College highlights one Key and encourages students to reflect on ways that they can fulfil that core value through their everyday experiences. In 2021, the College is focussing on the Mercy Key of Justice. 

Standing Up in the Year of Justice
“Stand Up. I appoint you as a witness of what you have seen” (2021 World Youth Day Theme)
International Year of Peace and Trust (United Nations)


  • We affirm the Mercy spirit
  • We support and promote the school and all its activities
  • We support each other
  • We seek ways of being of service to the school community


  • We admit our mistakes
  • We have the courage to do what is right
  • We are honest and trustworthy in our dealings with others
  • We act in a way that is true to our Christian values


  • We are aware of and respond to the needs of others
  • We show by an open response to those in need, a true reflection of Christian values
  • We care for all members of our Mercedes community


  • We make fair decisions
  • We respect the rights of others
  • We communicate positively and fairly

Mutual Respect

  • We acknowledge the presence of others with a positive greeting
  • We take time to listen
  • We recognise the importance and dignity of others
  • We respect our own property and that of others
  • We treat others as we would have them treat us


  • We accept responsibility for our actions
  • We complete all tasks to the best of our ability
  • We are willing to take on positions of trust and leadership
  • We participate generously in school life
  • We demonstrate a responsible approach to our environment

Mercy Key Awards

Each year, the six Mercy Keys of Loyalty, Integrity, Compassion, Justice, Mutual Respect and Responsibility are awarded to two students in each year level in the Middle School, and one in each year level in the Senior School, who have exemplified the qualities of that Mercy Key throughout the year. The awards are presented to students at a Middle/Senior School Assembly. 

Mercy Award Recipients

Each year at our Mercy Day Mass, we acknowledge someone connected to our Mercedes College community who, through their actions and commitment, has demonstrated a special dedication to our Mercy Key values.

There are many people who are eligible to be a recipient of this award. However, as is our tradition, we only acknowledge one person or family each year.

Recipients of the Mercy Award

1991: Rossi von der Borch
1992: Rosemary Shevlin
1993: Belinda Winter
1994: John Fanning
1995: Leonie Barker
1996: Sister Mary Marra RSM / Sister Monica McKee RSM
1997: Anne Cox / John Cox
1998: Sister Mavis McBride RSM (Sister Mary Phillip)
1999: John Gibson
2000: Penny Penhall OAM
2001: Mark Cooper CP
2002: John Doyle / Marie Doyle
2003: Anne Morse
2004: Tony Davis
2005: Cora Nankivell
2006: Peter Williams
2007: Bill Gaynor
2008: Prue McEvoy
2009: Amanda Liston-Mwate
2010: Sam Arnold
2011: John Brazzatti
2012: Bill Deegan
2013: Mavis Waddington
2014: Ward Family
2015: Kate Conley
2016: Tony O’Doherty
2017: Michael Fitzgerald
2018: Chris McCabe
2019: Sister Maryanne Loughry
2020: Henry Parham