The International Student Programme is a key part of internationalism at Mercedes College.

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International Student Programme and Curriculum

At Mercedes, students in the Senior School can chose to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) or the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). Both the IB Diploma and SACE will qualify students for Universities within Australia and overseas.

Academic Excellence

Mercedes College successfully blends traditional educational values of academic excellence with a pursuit of innovation in curriculum and a presence in the world of International education.

Specialised Learning Programmes

Mercedes College offers the following specialised Learning Programmes to help students in both IB and SACE courses:

Preparation of Secondary Education Programme (PSEP)

Preparation of Secondary Education Programme (PSEP) is an orientation programme which prepares all students in basic study skills important for the IB Diploma and SACE courses. Students undertake PSEP prior to commencing their mainstream classes full time. 

Mercedes English Support Programme (MESP)

The Mercedes English Support Programme (MESP) is available for International Students once they commence mainstream classes full time. Students will receive academic tuition during school hours in all subject areas and additional English support as required in accordance with their academic ability.

LINK (A Bridging Programme)

LINK is a programme for all students from Assessment Level One countries (refer to ESOS website). Students will be required to complete 5, 10 or 15 week programme at Mercedes College, depending on the students English abilities. Students are taught on an individual basis to understand and complete IB and SACE tasks in preparation to entry into their mainstream courses.

For Enrolment enquiries please contact:

Leeanne Moriarty
International Marketing Coordinator
P: +61 08 8372 3227

For Curriculum enquiries please contact:

Kala Nathan Thompson
International Academic Advisor
P: +61 08 8372 3235