Mercedes College is a school of innovative education endeavour and a leader within Catholic education.

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Tuition Fees

Investing in your child’s future educational needs is one of the most important decisions for families to make. At Mercedes College, we would like to help you understand our Tuition Fee structure.  

We offer families weekly, fortnightly and monthly payment plans from September through to August or an annual upfront payment with a 5% discount.

2017 Tuition Fees
Please click here to view 2017 Tuition Fees.

Sibling Discounts
Sibling discounts of 15% for the second child, 30% for the third child and 60% for the fourth child and 100% for the 5th child apply when students are concurrently attending Mercedes College.

Fee Schedule
Our fee schedule is inclusive of the Capital Levy and Resource Fees. No additional payments are required unless students participate in specific extracurricular activities i.e. Individual Instrumental Tuition, Sport or elective camps/trips in the Middle and Senior Years or study the IB Diploma.

Instalment Plans
The College offers weekly, fortnightly and monthly Instalment Plans for Tuition Fee payments.

For further information regarding enrolment opportunities and Tuition Fees, please phone our Registrar:

Mrs Rita Micale
P: 8372 3252

For enquiries from current families regarding Tuition Fees, please contact:

Family Liasion Office
P: 8372 3200