Supporting our students of tomorrow With a large campus, beautiful gardens, and continued investment in infrastructure and technology, community donations are always welcome.

At Mercedes College, everyone's contribution is valued.

Giving takes many forms. You may choose to contribute by making a financial donation, giving in kind, through our partner programmes, or volunteering.

Embedded in our Mercy Keys is our strong belief in focussing on helping our students to flourish, and be the best that they can be.

Fundamental to our success and reputation as a leading educational institution, is the vision of our founding Sisters of Mercy.

As the custodians of this world-class College, we have a responsibility to ensure its continued excellence now, and for future generations.

With the fabulous support of donors contributionos we continue to enable philanthropic support of the Mercedes College Master Plan.

Support from our community takes many forms, yet all is gratefully received and directly supports learning enrichment at Mercedes College. 

All gifts, irrespective of size are welcome and valued. Together, we can make a difference and ensure the success of Mercedes College for the students of today and tomrrow.

Find out more by contacting the Development Office.