A variety of evidence based preventive and intervention strategies are applied to support the social and emotional well-being of students across the College.

Student Services

Mercedes College provides a range of services for students to assist them in their schooling.

Pastoral Care
Pastoral care is provided by staff at all times through class or home group teachers at every year level.

Student Counselling
The College Psychologists apply a variety of contemporary, evidence-based preventive and intervention strategies to support the social, emotional wellbeing of students across the College. This includes psychological assessment, individual confidential counselling and referral services.

The College offers a R - 5 Psychologist and 6 - 12 Psychologist.

Careers Education Programme 
In the Senior School (Years 10 - 12) there are specific resources and services. A Careers Education Programme is available in Year 10.

A Careers Counsellor offers students career and tertiary course counselling and assessment services. There are also Year Level Coordinators for Years 10, 11 and 12 to monitor and support the academic, social and pastoral needs of students.

Please click here to view the Careers and Subject Counselling webpage where students can view information from the Careers Counsellor on tertiary education and career options.

Specialist support is available for International students.