At Mercedes, we celebrate the many achievements of our students and their dedication to make a positive difference in our world.



Orange smiles during Physical Education lesson | May 2020
(Source: 10 News First Adelaide)

Sturt’s Zoe Prowse is the SANFLW round four Player of the Week | March 2020
At 177cm Prowse plays in the ruck and has lined up in all four of Sturt’s matches this season, averaging 13.8 disposals, 12.5 hit-outs, 10.5 kicks and 1.8 tackles. But the Mercedes College Year 11’s football career almost never kicked off. She has two West Adelaide SANFL premiership stars — Logan Hill and Daniel Caire — who also happen to be her school teachers [at Mercedes College] to thank for giving her the nudge she needed. more> (Source: The Messenger / Adelaide Now).

Top International Baccalaureate diploma graduates celebrate a big year | January 2020
Our state’s top International Baccalaureate diploma graduates gathered in Adelaide today to celebrate an outstanding global scorecard in the “other” Year 12 results for the class of 2019. more> (Source: The Sunday Mail / Adelaide Now).


Behind the News: Worm Wee | September 2019 
On Behind the News, some of our Junior School students talk about their “Worm Juice” business and what it is doing for our environment. (Source: ABC).

Boys brave new-age puberty blues | September 2019
The rite of passage for some teenage boys today is taking place in the virtual world, where exaggerated male behaviours and unrealistic stereotypical body ideals are growing unchecked. An Adelaide school however is trying to counterbalance this emerging new-age puberty blues through an annual Year 9 program called “Being Boys – First Steps to Manhood”. Its co-ordinator Damian Vahlis said the nine week, boys-only workshop at Mercedes College, in Springfield, was designed to make the transition from boyhood to manhood safe and considerate. “The way men are portrayed in video games, films and online sends very strong messages to young people about what is appropriate behaviour, what is expected of them and what it means to be popular and desirable,” said Mr Vahlis. more> (Source: The Advertiser / Adelaide Now).

Entrepreneurial Thinking: Waste not, want not | August 2019
An Entrepreneurial Education project at Mercedes College Junior School is teaching students valuable skills for the future. Waste is being turned into dollars as Mercedes College Junior School students learn how to think like entrepreneurs. “We realised we had a problem with the amount of organic waste the Junior School was producing with our healthy fruit breaks,” student Beatrix says. more> (Source: The Advertiser).

World Cup provides inspiration for rising soccer star | August 2019 
Attending some of the World Cup women’s soccer games in France provided plenty of inspiration and motivation for 14-year-old Hayley Needs when she represented South Australia at the national youth championships in July. The Mercedes College Year 9 student competed in the State FFSA Under 15 team at the Coffs Harbour tournament, scoring the winning goal in her side’s 2-1 win over Football West. more> (Source: The Southern Cross newspaper)

Emerging Adelaide basketball star Jacob Rigoni returning to US college with high hopes | July 2019 
Adelaide basketballer Jacob Rigoni models his game on Joe Ingles and his hot hand from beyond the three-point line has earnt him the nickname Jacob ‘Three-goni’ after his second season of college in the US. The 21-year-old Sturt junior and former Mercedes College student has returned to America this week after spending his summer break back home in Adelaide. more> (Source: The Advertiser / Adelaide Now). 

Turning over an emotional leaf | July 2019
Mercedes College Year 9 students were some of the first in the state to trial the LEAF Project, an initiative of the Laurel Palliative Care Foundation. The pilot project gives students the chance to create artworks representing grief and loss and learn to deal with the emotions. more> (Source: The Messenger / Adelaide Now)

Mercedes appoints new principal | July 2019 
Mercedes College has announced the appointment of Andrew Balkwill as the college’s new Principal. Mr Balkwill will join the college from the beginning of 2020 and brings with him extensive experience within Catholic education, most recently as Principal of Thomas More College in Salisbury, a position he held for five years. more> (Source: The Southern Cross)

SA students paint a picture of their emotions | June 2019 
A program which uses art to help school students develop skills to cope with grief and loss is being launched across the state following a successful pilot involving Mercedes College. more (from 25:45)> (Source: ABC News Adelaide)

Tackle mind marathon | June 2019 
With mid-year exams fast approaching, Mercedes College curriculum and programmes director Ashley Coats says students must study each subject for the same length of time as the exam. more> (Source: The Advertiser Career One)

Making poverty personal | May 2019 
‘Appreciate what you have and see what you can do to make the world a better place’ was the key message to Year 6 Catholic school students who attended ‘understanding poverty workshops’ earlier this month. more> (Source: The Southern Cross)

Plastic-free challenge for Lent inspiring Mercedes College students | March 2019 
Ginger Cooke's mission to reduce her carbon emissions during Lent has proven more challenging than she ever imagined. The Mercedes College Year 8 student intended to take a "nude lunchbox" -- free of plastic -- to school each day, but found shopping for her green lunch harder than she expected. more> (Source: The Advertiser / Adelaide Now) 

Meet SA’s only student to achieve a perfect IB score | January 2019 
Isabelle De Savi was keen to do well in the International Baccalaureate, but to be the only student with a perfect score across central Australia was way beyond expectations. more> (Source: The Advertiser / Adelaide Now) 


Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia to run school program teaching girls symptoms of endometriosis | November 2018
Girls in high schools across the state are about to get a pep talk on period pain, thanks to a long-awaited funding commitment. Mercedes College Year 10 students Clementine and Amelie had not heard of the debilitating condition until a presentation from Endometriosis Australia at their school. more> (Source: The Advertiser / Adelaide Now)

Christmas is on the cards | November 2018 
Christmas cards designed by two Mercedes College students are winging their way to Australian troops overseas as a tribute to their service and sacrifice. more> (Source: The Eastern Courier Messenger) 

New push for primary school sport | September 2018 
Mercedes College Reception students Lucy, 6, Toby, 5, and Katharine, 5, enjoy a physical education class. more> (Source: The Advertiser)

Such a grand adventure | September 2018
Les petits enfants sont allés à Paris! For those not learning French like theses Mercedes College Reception students, this translates as “the small children went to Paris” – which is just what happened last week. Or close enough. more> (Source: The Advertiser / Messenger)

Mercedes College Captain Holly Cooke on Q&A | September 2018

Inside a world of learning | September 2018
An Inflatable Father Christmas overlooking Maslin Beach has triggered a new wave of learning at Mercedes College. Arts teacher Coral Winterburn was driving through the seaside suburb around Christmas time last year when she spotted the quirky art installation out the front of local artist Evelyn Roth’s studio. more> (Source: The Eastern Courier Messenger)

Mercedes girls take first flag | September 2018 
Mercedes College has won its first Year 8/9 girls interschool football grand final. Former West Adelaide midfielder Daniel Caire coached the team, which beat Tatachilla Lutheran College 6.6 (42) to 2.5 (27) at Noarlunga Oval on August 29. The college’s open
girls’ team was also in a flag decider, but lost to Tatachilla. (Source: The Eastern Courier Messenger)

Disc kid is on the way to top | July 2018
A teenage double-threat athlete has sharpened his skills at such a rapid pace, he is now coaching juniors just a couple of years younger than himself. more> (Source: The Messenger)

Winner is on top of the world | May 2018 
Mercedes College student and photographer Hi Yin Chan does not mind putting in the hard metres to get that perfect shot. more> (Source: The Advertiser / Mesenger / Adelaide Now)

Mercedes College Captain Holly Cooke on ABC Radio Mornings | May 2018
David Bevan is joined by Holly Cooke, Year 12 student at Mercedes College, discussing health issues for
young girls.

Girl talk to break taboo on a painful condition | May 2018
Sharing a personal experience with a large group of peers is not easy at any age and even harder if it’s about health. But classmates Holly Cooke and Phoebe Edwards, both 17, will share their own story with the Years 10-12 students at Mercedes College this week. more> (Source: The Advertiser / Messenger) 

Easter fun at the zoo | April 2018 
As part of this year’s Easter celebrations, Year 10 and 11 students from Mercedes College volunteered at the annual Ladies of Variety Children’s Easter Picnic held on March 27. more> (Source: The Southern Cross)

Scaling back the nerves | April 2018 
Loretta Bowshall knows better than most the pressures students face when the spotlight is on. As Mercedes College’s music teacher and a lecturer at Adelaide University, she has seen scores of students battle with nerves before their final Year 12 performances. more> (Source: The Messenger) 

Lions Youth of the Year 2018 | March 2018
The Finals of the Lions Youth of the Year Quest are currently in full swing, with the Victor Harbor and Port Elliot Lions Club hosting the Regional Final last Saturday (March 10) at Carrickalinga House. Sixty-five special guests and friends of students were a willing audience to witness the Public Speaking section of the Quest. This section consists of two impromptu questions, followed by a five minute prepared speech of the contestants own choice. This was won by Claire Noack of Mercedes College. more> (Source: Victor Harbor Times)

High school dux overcomes Asperger’s to pursue double degree | March 2018
Connor Pangallo has just started his first year of a double degree in law and international relations at Flinders University and is defying Asperger Syndrome to pursue his dream of becoming a prosecutor. The road has not been smooth for Connor who initially found it difficult to relate to teachers and other children during his formative years at Mercedes College. more> (Source: Flinders University - Flinders in Touch)

Connor’s ready to conquer the world | March 2018 
Connor Pangallo was dux of his Year 12 class, is embarking on a double degree in law and international relations,
and has his sights seton becoming a prosecutor. more> (Source: The Advertiser)

A step in the right direction | March 2018 
Nearly 25 years ago, a program called the Study Think Extension Program (STEP) – aimed at helping adolescents transition into
adulthood – was started at Mercedes College by teacher John Gibson. more> (Source: The Advertiser) 


Support is as good as gold | December 2017 (Connor Pangallo 2017 College Dux)
SCRIBBLES on a serviette 10 years ago were the start of improving the lives of hundreds of children with Asperger syndrome. Angie Pangallo and a group of friends were at a cafe in 2007, discussing a lack of social interaction programs for their children who had the condition. more> (Source: The Messenger)

Lessons in ‘fair play’ | August 2017
One of Adelaide's Catholic schools is taking a stance on parents behaving badly at junior sport events — and hopes others will follow their plea for “fair play.” more> (Source: The Advertiser) 

Trio ready to roll on court | July 2017
Olivia Renshaw was determined to make her debut with the state basketball team despite suffering an injury in the lead up to the event. The Mercedes College student rolled her ankle a fortnight ago and was told it would take up to a month to get back to full form. more> (Source: Hills & Valley Weekly Messenger)

Spotlight on historic park | July 2017
Mercedes College students Gabriel Henry and Emily Atkins model past uniforms with senior ranger Jen Pitman and Abbie Thomas from the Natural Resources Management Board. more> (Source: Hills & Valley Weekly Messenger)

Mercedes 'diplomats' | July 2017
Two Mercedes College students are heading to Canberra later this year to compete in the national final of the Youth United Nations Australia Evatt competition. Year 11 students Henry Cameron and Claire Noack proved a formidable duo in the South Australian stage of the competition, being selected as one of two teams to progress to the national final in December. more> (Source: Living Catholic)

Student attacks a serious problem | June 2017
After learning the dire statistics about violence against women, student Sophia Zachos wanted to find a way to help combat the problem. The Mercedes College Year 10 student and jiu jitsu fighter ran a self-defence class last weekend to arm females with skills to better protect themselves. more> (Source: Eastern Courier / Hills Valley Weekly Messenger)

Art opening young hearts | April 2017
Springfield's Mercedes College has been running a LEAF Project program for its year 9 students during term one of 2017, with verbal feedback from the students so far indicating meaningful benefits are being achieved. more>

Students head back to kindy | March 2017
Netherby Kindergarten director Liz Mitchell likens watching former students transition into schoolchildren to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. more> (Source: Eastern Courier / Mitcham and Hills Messenger)

Raising the bar on the big screen | March 2017
Peta Shannon and Emily Morris star in Raising the Bar, some of which was filmed at Mercedes College, where Shannon works as a drama teacher. more> (Source: Eastern Courier / Mitcham and Hills Messenger) 

Balance key for Class of 2016 | February 2017
Hard work, good time management and finding the right balance between study, extra-curricular activities and socialising were some of the keys to success for the high achievers in the Class of 2016. more> (Source: The Southern Cross)

Students with a global edge | January 2017
School students who want to learn with a global perspective and by discovering the answers, rather than being taught them, are choosing to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Some schools, such as Mercedes College, offer the IB programme to all students from Reception to Year 10, then allow them to decide whether to finish school with the Diploma or high school certificate. more> (Source: The Advertiser)

Alec steps up a level in 2017 Bupa ride | January 2017
Teenager Alec Ursini admits the 111km Bupa Challenge ride from Birdwood to Campbelltown on January 20 will be tough. Last year, he was satisfied with his efforts when he completed the 70km ride in a little under four hours. more> (Source: The Advertiser)


A merciful response within us all | November 2016
As the light of refugees and asylum seekers continues to worsen around the world, there are no 'quick solutions', but Australians can make a difference by looking through the 'lens of mercy' and treating those affected as their brothers and sisters. more> (Source: The Southern Cross) 

Rising star is as cool as ice out on the court | September 2016
A cool, calm and collected court temperament is the key to winning tennis, Stefan Bianchet says. Being calm under pressure helps Stefan, ranked the best Under-14 player in South Australia and seeded seventh nationally, stay ice cool like his idol  Roger Federer. more> (Source: Mitcham and Hills Messenger)

Hard work pays off for netballer | August 2016
Sport and study are all in a day’s work for straight shooter Amelia Day. Amelia is in the final months of her schooling, but her heavy workload has not stopped her from achieving her dream of playing premier league netball. more> (Source: Mitcham and Hills Messenger)

Taking on the best from across country | August 2016
DUGAN Van-Kleef says running through a Canberra forest in the pursuit of a gold medal will be much different to cross country races in Texas, where he grew up. The Mercedes College student, who moved to SA three years ago, will compete in the 2016 Australian Cross Country Championships in the Stromlo Forest Park on Saturday. more> (Source: Mitcham and Hills Messenger)

Fighting injustices | August 2016
Mercedes College social justice league leaders have joined forces with leaders from St Mary's College, St Dominic's Priory and Blackfriars Priory to raise social justice awareness between the four schools. more> (Source: The Southern Cross)

A call to mercy | August 2016 
I come from a close-knit family of 11 children. Growing up in a small village in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam after the fall of Saigon in 1975, I witnessed how the poor people lived in Vietnam and how blest my family was. more> (Source: The Southern Cross)

Young mind with big ideas for Australia | June 2016
A ban on homework, express bike lanes and a Port Adelaide women's football team top the list of changes Mercedes College students would make if they were Prime Minister for a day. more> (Source: Mitcham and Hills Messenger)

Twelve years in the chair | June 2016
Peter Daw has been the principal of Mercedes College for the past 12 years. He spoke to reporter Celeste Villaini about his role at the school. more> (Source: Mitcham and Hills Messenger)

Aussie kids also-rans in the race for fitness | June 2016
Aussie kids are in danger of letting the side down, scoring a mediocre mark on an international ranking of fitness levels. And, despite growing up in a country that prides itself on sporting excellence, today’s screenobsessed children would come off 
second best in tests comparing their fitness levels with those of children in the 1970s. more> (Source: The Australian)

Student's big-time ambitions | June 2016
Jacob Rigoni was six years old and 140cm tall – 25cm above the average – when his love of basketball began. “I got my first hoop for Christmas and I developed a love for the game from then,” Jacob, 17, says. more> (Source: Mitcham and Hills Messenger)

On your marks, get set, inspire | June 2016 
Heading into Year 11 at Mercedes College, Gabriel Cole was unsure about his next step in life. However, after conversations with his school athletics coach Ellen Bailey, the sprinter knew he wanted to live life in the fast lane. Cole, 24, who was born with a partially formed left arm, wants to make his former school and Mrs Bailey proud at the Rio Paralympic Games in September. more> (Source: Mitcham and Hills Messenger)

Imogen titoes to ballet's big stage | May 2016
Adelaide teenager Imogen Walters is doing a happy dance after taking another en-pointe step towards her lifelong dream of becoming a professional ballerina. more> (Source: The Advertiser)

Ready, set, walk - and learn to be active | May 2016
Thunderbirds defender Kate Shimmin hopes her nieces Sofia, 5, and Sienna, 4, right, will follow in her footsteps in leading active and healthy lifestyles. more> (Source: The Advertiser)

A great day for netballer | May 2106 
Amelia Day was caught off guard when she received a text message from her netball coach that simply read "congratulations". more> (Source: Eastern Courier)

Palmer warm on her old school so support for club an honour | April 2016
All the way from Hollywood to Kingswood. Adelaide-raised actress Teresa Palmer is now SA amateur footy's most famous face after signing on as the No. 1 ticket-holder for the Unley Mercedes Jets. more> (Source: Sunday Mail)

Harnessing the power of public speaking | April 2016
CLAIRE Noack is determined to be a public speaker and not an actor. “I get frustrated (about) how some people want to be theatrical and dramatise their speeches,” the Mercedes College student says. “They may as well read a script and do a play … if I wanted that I would have got into acting.” more> (Source: Eastern Courier)

A haul to be proud of | April 2016
EASTERN Districts junior athletes are sprinting ahead of the pack after winning 67 medals at the state championships.
The Glenunga club’s medal tally was more than any other club and included 26 golds across the under-9 to under-17 age groups. more> (Source: Eastern Courier)

King Cole eyes Rio | March 2016
Gabriel Cole’s last Paralympic Games campaign in London four years ago came to an early halt after he suffered a hamstring injury. But the former Mercedes College student, born with a partially formed left arm, is determined to bounce back as he vies for a spot on Australia’s Paralympic team headed to Rio de Janeiro in September. more> (Source: Mitcham and Hills Messenger) 

Heiu's up for a laugh | March 2016
Governor Heiu Van Le enjoyed a laugh with 30 Year 4 students from Mercedes College when he launched Carrick Hill’s 30th-anniversary Year of the Pearl program this week. more> (Source: Sunday Mail)

Margush shows he's a keeper | February 2016
A fortnight ago began like any other week for Adelaide United's third-choice goalkeeper Daniel Margush. But an injury to Reds No. 1 Eugene Galekovic and an 11th hour international call-up for understudy John Hall thrust the 18 year old into the spotlight. more> (Source: Eastern Courier)

Pedalling for dad's legacy | January 2016
Building a homemade bike inspired Alec Ursini to ride in honour of his late father in this year's Tour Down Under BUPA Challenge. Alec, 16, will cycle 70km from Strathalbyn to Victor Hardbor in the event's third stage on Friday. more> (Source: Mitcham and Hills Messenger)


Book Appeal | December 2015
Families and staff o Mercedes College have responded to a social media book appeal started by Judy Walker from the Torres Strait island of Erub Erwer Uteb and donated more than 300 picture books and novels to the local school. more> (Source: Living Catholic e-news)

School calls for oval's return | December 2015
Mercedes College is pushing for an oval at the former Glenside Hospital site, earmarked for eight-storey apartments, to be kept as open space. Principal Peter Daw said the Springfield school was prepared to pay to maintain the oval for its football and cricket teams. more> (Source: The Advertiser)

Ocean advocates finding their voice  | December 2015
Year 3 students from Mercedes College this term conducted an investigation on the ocean as part of a unit of inquiry called Sharing the Plant. Students researched the rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and other living things. more> (Source: The Advertiser)

Will's triple treat | October 2015
Young Star eyes a role in the AFL. First he helped West Adelaide win its first SANFL premiership in 32 years. more> (Source: Mitcham Hills) | more> (Source: Weekly Times)

Modest Meg hitting the heights on court | July 2015
Meg Prosser was four years old when she started shooting hoops in her family's Millswood backyard. The Year 12 Mercedes College student joined club side Forestville Eagles aged eight, and since then her journey has seen her captain state and school sides. more> (Source: Mitcham and Hills Messenger)

Young Bloods | July 2015
Promising West Adelaide midfilder Will Snelling could be forgiven for feeling a tad starstruck when he lined up on Adelaide Crows star Scott Thompson in a trial match earlier this year. more> (Source: SANFL Budget)

Jacob to stand tall | June 2015
MERCEDES College student Jacob Rigoni is taking giant strides towards his dream of representing Australia in Basketball. more> (Source: Mitcham and Hills Messenger)

Mercedes Takes a Shine to Solar Energy | June 2015
Mercedes College has harnessed the power of the sun to reduce its carbon footprint through a major contract with Tindo Power. more> (Source: Southern Cross)

Students Take Off - Astronaut inspires kids | May 2015 
Astronaut Sandy Magnus faced a grilling from Mercedes College students during a visit to the school last week. more> (Souce: Mitcham and Hills Messenger)

Champions Win on Recount | May 2015
Mercedes College has continued its dominance of senior school athletics in SA, but only after a month long wait. more> (Source: Easter Courier) | more> (Source: Mitcham and Hills Messenger)

Cancer Crusaders | April 2015
The stress of Year 12 studies will not stop Mercedes College students Grace Berwald and Victoria Lindholm from joining the fight against cancer. more> (Source: Mitcham and Hills Messenger)

Student Nikki so proud to win a place to attend Dawn Service | April 2015
South Australia will be present at Gallipoli this year with 22 school children flying over for the Dawn Service. Year 10 student Nikki Brennan of Mercedes College has won a place on the trip and is thrilled to be heading over. more> (Source: The Advertiser)


Teen's in Size Seven heaven | Wednesday 3 December, 2014
A boy's passion for fashion has paid off after a city retailer agreed to stock his line just six months after he began designing in his bedroom. more> (Source: Eastern Courier)

From Asia to Australia | October 2014
Did you know that Australia is the third most popular destination in the world for tertiary students wishing to study overseas (OECD, 2012)? more> (Source: Education Today)

It’s judgment day for mock-trial final | Tuesday 16 September, 2014
Mercedes College legal studies students will pit their skills against a team from Seymour College today in the grand final of the Mock Trial Competition at the Sir Samuel Way Building. more> (Source: The Advertiser)

Modern Family | Wednesday 13 August, 2014
Adrian Miles has forgone a six-figure annual income and put his career on hold for his children. He is a stay-at-home dad who has cared for Ethan, 10, and Angelle, 7, for the past six years after leaving his job as business analyst at SA Water. more> (Source: Adelaide Matters)

United Nations of students to meet | Wednesday 18 June, 2014
Patrick Stewart wants to be a force of change. The Mercedes College student is one of 10 South Australian students chosen to take part in a mock United Nations sitting in Canberra next month. more> (Source: Eastern Courier)

Accent placed on a brilliant career | Wednesday 11 June, 2014
Years of volunteer work – or “la vie associative” – have earned French teacher Lesley Davies the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM). more> (Source: Eastern Courier)

Brave student shaves | Monday 14 April, 2014
Juliette Vella, a Year 12 Mercedes College student, showed her bravery during the ‘World’s Greatest Shave’ on Sunday 16 March when her aunt, a hairdresser, shaved Juliette’s head to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation. more > (Source: Living Cathloic enews)

Where there’s a Will | Tuesday 1 April, 2014
Among the crowd at the Sydney Opera House, waiting to greet the royal couple, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will be Year 12 Mercedes College student Ellen Watson. more> (Source: The Advertiser)

Success 'just a bonus' | Tuesday 11 Febraury, 2014
MERCEDES College student Hugh Haysman received an Australia Day award from the City of Mitcham for his achievements in a range of sports, including athletics, cross country, cricket and AFL football more> (Source: Mitcham and Hills Messenger)

Heritage to the Fore in Casissa's Score | Thursday 2 January, 2014
A keen interest in her own heritage has led Carissa Young to chase a university degree that will allow her to delve deeper into history more> (Source: The Advertiser)


Students Supporting Lilah's Day of Difference | Wednesday 12 June, 2013
Mercedes College Junior School students, and their Year 12 buddies, will celebrate Lilah’s Day of Difference in the Mercedes College Rose Garden on Friday 14 June where they will bind a personalised written prayer to purple balloons before releasing them at 9.30am more>

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Sporting St Vincent de Paul | Wednesday 22 May, 2013
Mercedes College will launch a month long St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal with an Inter-House Cross Country Run/Walk fundraiser for students and teachers from Years 8-12 on Thursday 23 May from 1.20pm more>

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Outstanding Victory | Friday 3 May, 2013
Mercedes College athletes stormed to victory at the SASSSA ‘A’ Grade Athletics to win both the Boys and Girls titles and were crowned the Champion School for the second year in a row more>

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Top student is all class | Friday 4 January, 2013
Mercedes College Year 12 Graduate Damiano Fritz has achieved 45 out of 45 for his International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma - a perfect score more>

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