SchoolTV is a new ongoing resource that is now available to our parents.


SchoolTV: Social Media and Digital Reputation

We bring you a SchoolTV module dedicated to social media use and digital reputation.

“What kids do and post online, the sites they visit and the things they say is permanent. This digital footprint denotes their digital reputation and there’s nothing to stop someone from saving and storing that information about your child.” - Dr Michael Carr-Gregg

In this highly topical SchoolTV module, parents will learn from experts including Dr Michael Carr-Gregg Child and Adolescent Psychologist, Lesley Podesta CEO of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and Susan McLean, “Cyber Cop” and Founder of “Cyber Safety Solutions” about the current social media platforms that children and young people are accessing and the associated ages for access; why children and young people may not make the best choices for what they post on-line; relevant on-line safety considerations;  practical steps to take to ensure their child’s on-line safety and positive digital reputation; and action that can be taken to address any concerning material that may be received on-line.Resources and advice are also drawn from the Office of the e-Safety Commissioner and a range of practical and informative tip sheets for parents and children are available to read or download.

This module of SchoolTV can be accessed here. 

We hope that parents take the opportunity of discussing this information with their children in order to set or reset family rules and expectations for time spent on-line and encourage you to refresh your knowledge from the “Cyberbullying” module posted in Term 1 and located here.

As always, we welcome your feedback on the content of these modules and suggestions for future editions of SchoolTV.

Anne Way
Director of Wellbeing
College Psychologist R-12