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Year 7 Transition

The South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools endorsed a move towards shifting Year 7 from primary to secondary settings.

Catholic Education South Australia (CESA) is now implementing that decision and most Catholic schools in South Australia will make this change in 2019.

This means that, for most schools, Year 6 will become the final year of primary schooling. Year 7 will become the first year of secondary schooling.

What does this mean for our school?
We will continue to operate as a Reception to Year 12 school and our three levels of school will remain as is. However the major entry points will change. The College will have entry points at Year 6, Year 7 and Year 8. This will mean that we will have three Year 6 classes, four Year 7 classes and five Year 8 classes.

In the end it should make little difference for those families wishing to enrol children at the College. It will only mean a different start date for those coming from Catholic Primary Schools. Until DECD make a decision on what they will do regarding Year 7 we may need to maintain some flexibility of planning. We will keep you informed.

Why move Year 7 to secondary?
This decision is primarily about meeting the learning, social and emotional needs of young people across all Catholic Schools.

The benefits for the students include:

  • Educational benefits – teaching the Year 7 curriculum in a Middle/Secondary School setting gives students access to specialist teachers and facilities.
  • Learning Outcomes – A Middle/Secondary School environment offers flexibility that can help students be challenged intellectually.
  • Social and Emotional benefits – Adolescents thrive in an environment that encourages independence and supports their social and emotional needs.

This move is a significant one for Catholic Education but of course Mercedes College has been operating under this model for some time.

Be assured that we will continue to keep you updated and informed as we move closer to 2019. As always, the education and wellbeing of your child will remain our focus.

Yours sincerely

Peter Daw