Support programmes We offer a wide range of support programmes to develop and encourage the potential of each student.

With a range of programmes to develop and encourage the potential of each student, we provide experiences and support for those students identified as having specific needs and requiring individual attention.

Gifted and Talented | provides experiences that develop the intellectual, creative, social and emotional abilities of gifted and talented children through enrichment, extension and acceleration.

Special Needs | includes a range of strategies including curriculum and assessment modification for teachers to address the needs of students with specific learning difficulties.

Student Mentoring | a student-centred programme providing individual support for students from Reception to Year 12 through positive parent, Senior student and community participation.

Study Extension | or STEP as it has come to be known has been place for more than 20 years, evolving to challenge students both academically and on a personal level. Self-confidence, understanding others, organising time, setting objectives, working together, asking questions and helping those less fortunate are just a sample of what this covers.

Study Skills | Senior School students requiring assistance managing their time or coordinating assessment tasks may be recommended for this after school hours support.

For our international students we provide:

English as a Second Language (ESL) | support is provided to students in the Senior School via a structured language development programme offered for two lessons per week. Offline support is provided by all subject teachers after school and via a specialist workshop conducted in Term 3. Resources for students are developed to meet individual learning needs as required.

Language Development | International Students who have English as a second language, are provided assistance in Language Development classes in Year 10.