Private music tuition and ensembles With a number of qualified and experienced Instrumental Tutors, lessons are available across a range of instruments.

Instrumental lessons are available for:

  • piano
  • guitar
  • bass guitar
  • drum kit
  • flute
  • clarinet
  • saxophone (alto, tenor, baritone)


  • trumpet
  • trombone
  • violin
  • viola
  • cello
  • voice.

Additional instruments may be available further to demand.

Instrumental lessons are provided by qualified Instrumental Tutors.

All lessons are 30 minutes in duration during the school day, with paired/shared lessons at the discretion and availability of the tutor.

Instrumental tutors invoice student families directly.


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Private Instrumental Music Tuition

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The options are: piano, guitar, bass guitar, drum kit, flute, clarinet, saxophone (alto, tenor, baritone), trumpet, trombone, violin, viola, cello and voice

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Music Ensembles Information

All students are encouraged to be part of a school band, choir, or other official school ensemble upon reaching the required standard.

Once a member, it is expected that students commit to their ensemble’s performances and weekly rehearsals.

Students and parents will be advised and invited to join appropriate ensembles at the commencement of the school year.

If you have any questions about these ensembles or need assistance to choose the correct one, please email

Vocal Ensembles Senior Vocal Ensemble (Years 8 - 12, intermediate/advanced, entry by audition), VoxPop (Years 7 - 12, no audition required), Festival Choir (Years 5 - 7), Petites Voix (Years 2 - 4).

Bands Jazz Ensemble (intermediate/advanced, entry by audition), Stage Band (intermediate, entry by audition), Concert Band (beginner with approx. 12 months instrumental tuition)

Strings McAuley String Ensemble

Guitars Modern Guitar Ensemble 1, Modern Guitar Ensemble 2, Modern Guitar Ensemble 3

Percussion Drumline

Mercedes College Music Terms and Conditions

Instrumental / Vocal Lessons

Lessons take place during school hours and parents enter into an agreement with the Instrumental Tutor, with the Music Department receiving notices of enrolment and cessation of lessons. All other communication regarding timetabling and student progress will be with the tutor concerned.

Students in Years R-5 have a set lesson time each week. Where practical, students from Years 6-12 have a rotating timetable and are expected to attend lessons punctually. Specific lesson times are to be negotiated with the Instrumental Tutor and will be accommodated where possible. The recommended year level for students to commence instrumental lessons is from Year 2.

Tuition Fees

The fees for instrumental lessons for 2023 are set by the individual instrumental tutor:

  • Individual lessons: Ranging from $35 - $40 (30 minutes)
  • Paired lessons: $18 - $23 per student (30 minutes – not available for all instruments)

Tuition fees will be invoiced by the tutor and payable directly to them.

For students to have the maximum opportunity for success, it is recommended that lessons are continued for at least one semester. 

Cessation of Lessons and Fees Payable 

Once enrolled, students are committed to completing a full term of tuition. Parents and students wishing to cease lessons must inform their Instrumental Tutor and in writing before the current term has ended.

Instrument Insurance and Liability

Students will need to provide their own instrument of suitable quality (purchased or hired privately), or are able to hire an instrument through a local music store. Parents are welcome to contact the Music Department for advice.

Privately owned instruments should be privately insured. All instruments should have the student’s name and address clearly visible on the case, and where practicable, on the instrument. We encourage families to keep a record of the instrument serial number, whether owned or hired.

The College does not provide insurance for the loss or damage to any items that do not belong to the College. This includes but is not limited to, negligence, instruments left on the College premises, and instruments hired through the Year 3 Classroom Programme.

The student and parent are responsible, and must pay, for any damage to College hired instruments, and any damage must be reported immediately to the Music Department:  

Instrument Storage 

When brought to school, instruments are the responsibility of the student (both privately owned/hired or hired through the College). Where possible instruments should be kept in the provided storage areas located in both the Junior (Strathspey) and Senior (John MacDonald Music Centre) music areas. Students are discouraged from storing their instruments in the classroom or locker areas.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to attend all scheduled instrumental lessons on time. Students need to bring their instrument (where appropriate), music and an instrumental diary to each lesson. If a student has forgotten their instrument then they are still required to attend their lesson.

Student Absence

Absences without prior notification will not be made up or credited unless there are extenuating circumstances (e.g. long term illness or long term vacation). It is the student’s (and parent/caregiver’s) responsibility to inform the Instrumental Tutor of any known absences, including school activities, tests, exams, excursions, camps etc. In the case of student absence from school on the day of an instrumental lesson it is imperative that the Instrumental Tutor be contacted via their preferred method of communication at the earliest possible convenience.


Instrumental Tutors will communicate with parents/caregivers, and provide their personal contact details prior to the first lesson. Parents should advise their child’s Instrumental Tutor regarding known absences. The Instrumental Music Coordinator will retain a copy of each Instrumental Form and will forward contact details of new students onto the appropriate Instrumental Tutor.

Every student is encouraged to purchase a Music Diary, or a suitable alternative. This diary is to be brought to every lesson, as it is an important communication and record-keeping tool.


A recommended practice routine of around 10-20 minutes per day is encouraged during the first year of tuition and, where practicable, 30 minutes per day subsequently. Your Instrumental Tutor will provide advice on how to best structure practice sessions.

Students are not permitted to use the practice rooms or classrooms for private practice during school hours (including before and after school) unless they are properly supervised and consent is obtained by the Music Department Staff.


All students who undertake instrumental tuition are required to complete this form before instrumental lessons can be arranged. Parents are asked to read and fully understand the information on this page before lessons can commence.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions herewith.