The Mercedes LINK Programme is designed for newly-arrived International Students and Local Non English Speaking Background (NESB) students requiring some English Language skills.

Mercedes LINK Programme (MLP)

The Mercedes LINK Programme is designed for newly-arrived International Students and Local Non English Speaking Background (NESB) students requiring some English Language skills.

In accordance with ESOS (Standard 6) and Education Standards Board (Standard 2) regulations, Mercedes College will be delivering an English Programme that will better assist International Students to learn and understand the English Language.

The Mercedes LINK Programme is primarily an English Proficiency course in reading, writing, listening and speaking. It also incorporates the application of key English language components appropriate for Middle and Senior school education. Students can access this programme in the beginning of every term to develop various learning skills to enable a smooth transition to the mainstream courses. We will be using the EAL/D learning progression of English language typical of students learning English as an additional language or dialect. This is described in detail in our curriculum documents filed in ISP Academic Advisor’s Office.

Students study with specialist TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and EAL (English as an Additional Language) teachers in a small class to provide individual attention.  This enables students to work confidently at a greater level of interaction, to foster collaborative learning in developing communication, thinking, research, social and self-management skills.

Depending on the student’s English level and the level required for their academic study, students will spend 10 to 20 weeks developing fluency and accuracy in written and spoken English.  This English Language learning encompasses major subject areas including Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Religion and Physical Education. Teachers specialised in theses subject areas will be teaching these students in this programme. They will also study life skills in our Physical Education classes to prepare them for outdoor, sporting and camping activities.

The alignment of Levels with the language required to achieve at Year Level Standards means that any gap between these can readily be identified for a student. The wider the gap, the greater the difficulty is for the student to access and achieve within the curriculum. There will then be a greater need for explicit teaching, scaffolding and differentiation. The Language and Literacy Levels may also be a helpful guide regarding differentiation for high achievers, as it indicates how to extend their language and literacy capabilities.

To assess the students, the ACARA Language and Literacy Levels will be used. The Language and Literacy Levels describes the development of language and literacy needed across the year levels to access and demonstrate the curriculum knowledge, skills and understandings for all learning areas.

Whilst the students are immersed in the Mercedes LINK Programme, they will have opportunities to participate in all of our extra and co-curricular activities including local and national school academic and sporting competitions.

Students study in a safe, supportive and caring school environment. Parents are invited to join their children in our comprehensive induction programme in Week 1 of every term and GPS (Growth and Personal Skills) lessons once a week on Fridays.

Entry requirements

• Academic reports
• English proficiency test results (if available)
• If students here achieved AEAS assessment of Advanced Stanine 7 for direct entry into mainstream, they will not be required to study this programme

Cricos Code: 00365D

Leeanne Moriarty
Coordinator, International Enrolments and Marketing