The IB Diploma is an academically challenging and balanced programme with final examinations that prepares students for success at university and life beyond.

IB Diploma Programme (Years 11 - 12)

The IB Diploma is an internationally recognised matriculation certificate which qualifies students for entry into overseas universities as well as Australian universities.

To be eligible for the Diploma, candidates are required to complete the following to a satisfactory standard:

  • Six academic subjects
  • A Theory of Knowledge course
  • An Extended Essay
  • Creativity Action and Service (CAS)

Students must choose one option from each of the following six groups:

  1. Group 1 Studies in Language and Literature
  2. Group 2 Language Acquisition (second language: French/Indonesian/English/Spanish ab initio)
  3. Group 3 Study of Individuals in Society (History, Economics, Business and Management and Psychology)
  4. Group 4 Experimental Sciences (Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Sports, Exercise and Health Science)
  5. Group 5 Mathematics (Mathematics, Mathematical Studies)
  6. Group 6 Visual Art/Theatre/Music or another choice from Groups 2, 3 or 4

Detailed IB Diploma Information

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