The information technology infrastructure consists of an extensive network of Apple and PC-based computers and laptops.

1: World - Bring Your Own Device Laptops / iPads

The vision of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) department is to ensure that all members of the Mercedes College community use technology to enhance the way they work.

Please see the Mercedes College 2021 1:World Learning Programme Guide.

This document provides a full rationale for the programme and details of the devices expected from the beginning of the academic year. Also included in the document is advice targeted to students and parents regarding the care and use of recommended devices.

For more information, see 1:World frequently asked questions.

Bring Your Own Device (Laptops / iPads)

Our experience since the introduction of the 1:World programme in 2012 has highlighted that Apple devices are ideally suited to our educational strategy and therefore our preferred platform. However, students may opt for alternative devices meeting the equivalent minimum specifications outlined below. 

Junior School 

The Apple iPad is the preferred device for students in the Junior School.

Students in Reception to Year 2 will be provided with 1:1 College-owned iPads within their classroom environment.

In Years 3 to 5, students will be required to bring their own devices. These devices must be able to run the list of core and recommended applications for Years 3 - 5 (see the link above, Appendix A for more details). The following minimum specifications will enable students to access the learning programme:

  • at least an iPad 9.7” or Ipad Air 2
  • WiFi only (3G/4G access not recommended)
  • 32GB storage. (128GB is preferred)
  • Compatible with running iOS 12
  • Wireless keyboard
  • Screen protector and/or sleeve

Please note that iPad mini, smartphones and iPods are not acceptable devices.

Middle and Senior Schools 

Students in Years 6 to 12 will be required to bring their own laptop that meets or exceeds the following device specifications:

  • Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 128GB Hard Drive
  • Wi-Fi
  • Minimum 7 hour battery life
  • Minimum screen size 13”
  • Operating system Windows 10 or MacOSX
  • Devices should be under 2kg in weight

The Apple MacBook Air / Pro (13”) is the preferred device in the Middle and Senior Schools. However, non-Apple laptops meeting the specifications are acceptable. Smartphones are not acceptable devices.

The College will provide students with access to the Internet through a purpose-built Wi-Fi network following completion of their ICT Acceptable Use agreement in their College Planner. The College has a Microsoft Office 365 tenancy which enables all students to access the complete suite (Word, OneNote, Powerpoint. Excel, etc) on their devices.

A device enrolment process will occur at the start of the school year to set up devices for use at the College.


Students are expected to charge their device at home and bring it to school every day ready for use.

Students must not bring their charger (power adapter) to school as it may be easily damaged or lost and may cause a safety hazard when plugged in to the wall socket.


A parent portal has been established with CompNow to facilitate purchasing of devices. A key advantage of purchasing though CompNow is having Apple Care bundled with laptops and the convenience of using our ICT Help Desk to facilitate any required repairs. Parents are able to purchase devices from other retailers but will be responsible for arranging any required repairs and ensuring minimal disruption to learning. You can access CompNow here