Celebrating National Library and Information Week 2022

Fostering a place to belong in our Carmel Bourke Library and Technology Centre

Our library is a space that belongs to all students, from Reception to Year 12, and functions as the heart of our College.

At any given time this vital space has student helpers, fun lunchtime activities, reading events, and access to well-balanced, inclusive information. Students and staff see a range of cultures represented in the Our Community's Languages section, and specialty qualified staff provide expertise in learning, literacy and reading, as well as having genuine interactions with our students.

This week has been National Library and Information Week, a great time to celebrate this valuable part of the campus.

It supports mental wellbeing by providing safe, welcoming spaces with plenty of activities for groups, or those looking for a bit of time to themselves. Further, it supports a love of reading to develop literacy skills, as well as the development of independent learners who can build their knowledge on topics relevant to the curriculum or their personal interests.

Our highly skilled staff also help develop the cognitive and digital skills necessary for navigating their studies and lines of inquiry.

Stop by and take a look next time you are on campus - we are always happy to see another enquisitive face!